New Moon Today

Hello Once Again,


Hope this day finds you well or as well as can be.

Life is throwing us many curves these days and I know it can seem endless.  It is ok.  We will get through this.  No matter how difficult, just take it one moment at a time.  Sometimes that is all you can do.  This too shall pass.

Breathe.  You are not alone.  We feel that at times we have been abandoned.  You haven’t.  Just forgot where to look.  Look within.  If nothing else, talk with your “Self”.  You have a guide within you that is connected to all there is.  All the love you ever needed.  They never went away.  However insignificant you may feel or lost or whatever you have going on, they will always listen. Always.   Trust is a big key.  Do the best you can.  You are enough.  Keep in constant contact with your higher self.  If you believe in God or Source or whatever your word is, then keep asking for help.  It is a team effort.  Trust that you will receive the answers in the best time for you.  That may take longer than you have patience for, but guess what, you have more than you know.  Along with persistence and perseverance.  Trust, trust, trust.

In addition to all this, a New Moon.  If you haven’t done so, write down you new moon list.  Things you would love to see happen for you, especially going into 2017.  Make it magnificent and magical.  Expect miracles.  Why not? What do you have to lose?

Keep it simple and as specific, but try not to tell the Universe how to get it down.  That one will take care of itself.  Just listen and follow the guidance that follows.

It’s all good.

Much love my fellow adventurers.  You so got this.

Kristin Joy


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1 Response to New Moon Today

  1. Catherine says:

    Lovely reading Kristin. I can’t wait to order a phone reading!

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