Life and fears

If anything has taught me in this last two years, its that life will not be held back.

So, you can flow with it or not.

I was hoping to write more on my blog, but life had other plans.

Lots happened over the past several months, which included a move of residence. This came with its own set of ups and downs. Adjusting to a new place and having to clear the energy of the home has been a bit of a challenge. Also, meeting new people, making sure our furry loved ones would be ok, and so much more.

Fear was here as well. Facing many of them in varying ways. Learning to explore emotions and healing are part of the adventure.

I also faced something new that shook me a bit. A shooting at a local high school, where I was in a coffee shop across from the school when it happened, along with a few parents of the students. Witness to an energy shift immediately. Having my energy field shrink to protect myself from the emotional onslaught. Everyone in a bit of a shock and others trying to console at least one of the parents due to the fact they didn’t know if their child was ok.

It all happened so fast. Yet has lingering effects. My coping was remembering that this isn’t who we truly are. We are not one incident. We are so much more than this.

I am in some ways, grateful for the experience. It has helped me and many others wake up just a bit more to digging deep into ourselves. To slow down and ponder life. What is it that we truly want to see in this world going forward? Maybe be a bit kinder and more compassionate with each other. Hopefully, we will continue this soul searching and gentler way of being more so as time moves on.

I’m hoping to do more writing this year, but will take it one day at a time.

Keep facing those fears and engage with life.

Till next time,

Kristin Joy

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