Freedom to Choose

Just received an email from a friend making me aware of some states trying to make it so that energy healers, etc would have to be licensed and regulated in order to practice.

Personally I feel this is very much b.s. and is merely another attempt at limiting people’s choices on alternative care. Not too mention, I find it interesting with the current atmosphere of the world, the fact that people healing themselves or being in control of their own life is in opposition to the control that big pharma or any other group thinks they have. Sadly there are those still in this world that want to control our very existence and anyone doing something that is not in alignment with that ends up being challenged in some way. Time to stand together.

I do what I can to look at all sides of things, but there are so many people whose livelihoods depend on doing what they love and that includes psychics, shamans, tai chi, reiki, etc. I know things are changing and we need to change with it, but more control on our lives?WTF

Do you really want anyone else, that is not you, to tell you what you can and cannot do with your life?

Dig deep on this and good luck.

We have to be the ones to govern ourselves.

We are strong enough and smart enough.

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