Are you searching for answers?

After the past years rollercoaster ride, many are awakening to something stirring within.

Things don’t make sense and people feel a calling that is deep. Our awakening higher consciousness is calling.

It is the mystery of life that is beckoning. The sacred rage has rattled a cage open within us all. The divine feminine is here. The age of aquarius has arrived. We are just beginning. Truth will be revealed. Maybe not right away, but do not lose hope.

I will also draw a couple cards to assist in this writing.

One is from the Divine Guidance oracle deck and Return of Spirit oracle deck. Both are by Cheryl Lee Harnish.

Too funny. I have an added bonus to start this with. A card from the Path of the Soul deck is mixed in and wanted to come out right away. Nice surprise. Anyway. It is the Angel card. Number 44. If you haven’t already, look up angel numbers and numerology of master numbers.

Know that we have help and it may not always feel like it, but we do. Thank you Angels.

A card literally jumped out. Number 11. How fun. Another master number. Numbers can be healing as well. This card is from the Divine Guidance deck.

Infinite Possibilities. In brief – allow the impossible to be possible. Don’t give up. Remember that if a door gets shut to something you thought you really wanted or a direction that you hoped would work out, not to worry. It is a good thing. It doesn’t mean what you are dreaming about won’t work out. It may be that the universe has something better that will work and to get you where you want to go. Even better than what you thought would work. It says that your greatest wishes in life are a big key to your path and the Entire Universe is working with you to bring those dreams to fruition. Keep dreaming and taking those steps. The angels can assist as well.

The next card is the LOVE card from the Return of Spirit deck.

Your love is what the world needs. We have immense capacity for love. When we are hurt or have been hurt, we tend to close down and can be afraid to let love in again. We kind of brace ourselves for what may be next. This card is asking you to trust again. Take baby steps to let your guard down just a little and let love flow. When you guard you heart you are also blocking the good that can come to you. It says your love holds the potential to heal, not only yourself, but the people of this world in a very big way. You may have new love coming your way and that can be in a career or hobby too. Can also be in intimate relationships as well. Mutually supportive friendships can benefit.

Whichever it is, you will start to see the world supporting you in loving encouragement.

No matter what the past wounding was, let your love heal you and in doing so, can help heal the world. I know it hurt. As an empath, I know it can go deep. Yet if I can do it, so can you. Keep going. Open your heart to love, luck and laughter. Remember the angels have your back. Let them help you too.

Much love to your search and may you find what your are truly looking for,

Kristin Joy

P.S. If you need assistance, you can contact me for a reading.

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