Changes and New Life

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned and then what to do

I have lots of thoughts and observations.

One being that I am not the most eloquent of writers, but over time I have found that I need to be ok with it and not give two poops what anyone else thinks.

Change is here and here to stay. We had one helluva past year plus and something that I saw and experienced recently is that people are in kind of a state of dumbfoundedness and unsure about how to be with each other as we are starting to get out again.

Went shopping for some plants for our new place ( a story for another time) and observed people just being standoffish and a bit distant. Almost cold. It is a bummer but we need to keep in mind as best we can that this was a trying year for so many and that we all need some kindness and patience. If you can’t seem to find it, then just do your best in any given situation. Sometimes walking away for a few can help. Mercury is in retrograde till the 22nd and if you are not familiar with that, lets just say it makes communication very interesting. Look it up and if it resonates with you then great.

I also find it may have some effect on my communicating when I write. So, if anything seems confusing in the article, then just trust you will get what I am trying to convey either now or at another time.

We are all going through some massive transformation. Some more than others. The great intelligence that flows through us all has been working with us to utilize the opportunity to assist in the great awakening on the planet. If life feels like it is a mess, then try to slow down and breathe and see more deeply into what this is about for you personally. Not all you may be experiencing is yours. Do what you can to keep a mantra of sorts for yourself.

“What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours.”

Even though we are all part of a greater consciousness and collective, we have our individuality too. Give yourself some room to pause and come down from stress and remember that most people have been going through this as well.

Trust me, I have had moments where I had to big time remember my own advice. To stay grounded. Honor my feelings about whatever I was going through and try to recall that what I might be feeling isn’t mine. It may be confusing, but you will get through it somehow. Call on the spirit in the sky that is inside you to help.

Remember to get help if you need it. Make a move if you are really feeling it. That can truly assist you in letting go of baggage you didn’t realize you had.

Also keep in mind that change may not be instantaneous. Doesn’t mean it won’t, but deep lasting change may take more time, yet be well worth it.

Much love and happy travels,

Kristin Joy

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