Forgot to say in the last post, If you are interested in the classes, just contact me and I can give you more information.  You can also go on and read up on the latest and greatest.  Especially on the research end of it.  As Reiki is in hospitals all over the U.S.

Take care!!


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Radio Show, Ann Arbor Fair, Reiki Classes

Hello Lovelies,

I will be on Journey Into The Light Radio, Blog Talk Radio today at 6:00 pm Eastern.  Should be scheduled for this day and time every week for the following 10-12 weeks.

The number to call in is (347) 884-8245.  I will be taking calls as time permits.

Also, I will be teaching Reiki beginning in the summer.  It is so easy to learn and such a peaceful energy, that after one weekend, you can use it again for yourself and others.  The biggest bonus is that it will be with you forever.  How’s that for a return on investment.  Make that time for yourself and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

Also, I will be in Ann Arbor at the Kensington Hotel with the Michigan Psychic Fair doing Reiki and energy tune-ups.  Come out for that or to get a reading or just say Hi !! The hours are from 11 am – 7 pm Eastern.

See the Michigan Psychic Fair website for more details.

Many blessings and Joy to all!!!

Kristin Joy



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Radio Show and Holistic Fair

Hello Sunshines,

Hope this Wednesday is going fabulous for you!!!

I will be on the radio today at 5:00 pm Eastern for a little talk on energy and maybe some spiritual guidance for the callers.

This weekend, Saturday and Sunday is the Holistic and Psychic Expo at Eastern Michigan University in the Student Center.  My friend Laura of Infinite Flame and I are sharing a booth.  I’ll be doing Reiki, playing with my tuning forks and singing bowl, also a bit of psychic and spiritual readings.   Having fun to boot.

Many blessings and stop by and say hi at the booth,

Kristin Joy

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Radio Show

Happy Day!!!

Many blessings as I will be on Journey Into The Light radio at 5:00 pm Eastern today.

The number to listen in at is (347) 884-8245.

Also, I will be sharing a booth at a Holistic Fair in Ypsilanti, MI the weekend of April 22-23.  It is being held at the Student Center of Eastern Michigan University.  The booth is under Infinite Flame.

Can’t wait to see all the awesome smiling faces!!  I will be doing readings and Reiki and having fun!!!

Love to All!!!

Kristin Joy – LIFE


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Radio Show

Hello Friends,

Hope you can tune in once again at 5:00 pm Eastern Time today on Journey Into The Light Radio.

The number to call in is (347) 884-8245.

I will be doing a brief talk on Animal spirits and how they have played a part in my life.  Maybe even how they can benefit yours.

Never know what the Animal Kingdom has in store for us.

After that I will be taking calls to help those with a little spiritual guidance.

Much love to all,

Kristin Joy

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Radio Show


I will be on Journey Into The Light Radio Show today at 5:00 pm Eastern Time.

The number to call in and listen or maybe have a chance to ask a question is (347) 884-9245.

A little spiritual guidance and talking about sound/music to help you on your journey.


Hope you can join me.  They do archive them if you need to catch it at a later date!!

Many blessings and much love,

Kristin Joy

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Singing, Sound

Hello Friends,

If you ever feel blue and not sure what to do, then, just sing.  It makes you feel better. I don’t need any studies to tell me that.  It’s simple.  Go For It!! Don’t hold back.  Put on the radio or YouTube or Ipod or whatever and hum or chant or however it “feels” good for you.  Remember that.  The feeling of it. Combat the blues with your voice and really feel into it.  Coming from the heart and sing.  If you haven’t ever tried one before, maybe get a singing bowl or some other instrument, aside from your voice and combine them for an amazing acoustical treat.  Sound plays more and more of a role in our lives that can either lift us or not.  We are bombarded every day by that which doesn’t.  Careers, families, social gatherings, events, our own thoughts, gossip, gossip, gossip, etc.  The world has become one colossal sound mix of negativity and sometimes all you can do to equalize it or bring it light, is to express yourself the best way possible.  One of those is with singing, humming or whatever rocks your world using your voice in a positive way.  Find that which elevates your feelings and your day.  What do you have to lose?

Baby – You were born this Way!  Thank you Lady Gaga!!

Express Yourself – Thank you Madonna!!

Speaking of which, I have to go practice my voice lessons!!

Till next time,

Deepest of love and joy to all!!!

Kristin Joy


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