That word can get ones attention.

I know, I have tried to commit suicide. I have thought about it even in the last year. Not to worry, my counselor and I are working on it.

I bring it up because it gets such a negative rap. I am not advocating for it, but why can’t we talk about it. In a way that says, I agree to disagree with you and not have to have such an uproar about it. A stigma.

Oh no, its a sin or its a slight against Gods creation. Or whatever. I have heard it all.

Many people think about it, more than we know. Just can’t speak up about it. I couldn’t before and now, I can. Think what you want about me. I am not the one with the issue. We all are.

We are going through a massive change on the planet. An awareness of change that needs to take place. Not to put another useless band aid on it, but deep, profound, permanent change. The environment is a mess, education has college kids in such debt that makes no sense what so ever. Politics is a joke. People focused on what the neighbor has instead of what they have right in front of them. Too much of the – keeping up with the Joneses and the Smiths crap. Our priorities are so out of whack with what is truly important. No wonder people think about suicide. Or is this world just doomed? I don’t believe so. Or I wouldn’t still be here.

I still believe in the beauty and potential that we have. We have reached this kind of precipice before. Whether you believe in Atlantis before or not, we are at a tipping point. This time, I believe we will get it right. We just have to keep on keeping on. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If each person took time, and you do have it, to change themselves, the world will change for the better, faster than we could possibly imagine. God, Source, Universal Intelligence or whatever you call it, made us in the likeness and image. Which means that no matter the destruction we have wrought to the planet, each other, we have it within us to heal it all. We are capable of the miracles of Jesus, of the divine. It isn’t somewhere else. It is within us.

I am still working on it and that may never end, but the journey and the planet, is worth it.

What say YOU? Same old same old, or are you so done with the way things are that you find the indominable will to forge a new world of true peace and prosperity for all. It takes such courage, beyond faith – a knowing to see it through. We are not alone. Ask God or whatever you believe in for help. Get help. You will find the people or support groups or whatever teacher or mentor you need on your path. First, it starts with you and the unconditional love you need to let in. Take down the walls you built up around your heart and let the love in. Love is patient and kind. Never goes away. We just forget where to look. We are it. Meditate on that.

Love to all,


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Comfortable in your own skin

Happy Saturday to All,

If I haven’t reminded you of late, you are powerful beyond measure.

You are a walking talking expression of unconditional love, peace, serenity, joy, and all the amazing stuff of the Earth and Stars.

We just kinda forget that and walk around as walking wounds, thinking we can’t do shit to make a difference or to live the life we truly want because it’s too hard or too difficult to change or too late for us or whatever other stuff that gets in the way.

Well, why not shift into the being, the star, that you are, or more simply, just allow the true you, your true nature, come forth. The most awesomest version of you that you can be.

Sit with this when you have some time. The true YOU is healthy, whole, abundant, creative, victorious, doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of them, confident, happy, comfortable with and totally accepts themselves – NOW. Also, kind and caring, and is healed from the old stuff. Even the stuff they didn’t like about themselves. We can be the best version of ourselves if we let it happen. It may take time and that is ok. It is totally worth it. That YOU is here NOW. Exists within, NOW. Not in food or a pill or in someone else. That most wonderful YOU is ready to express through you NOW. All you have to do is let the true YOU come forth. Once you do, all the old just melts away. You will feel freer, more positive and optimistic. It may sound simple, but it is, we are the one’s who complicated it.

When you give this more of a chance to really settle in to your bones, so to speak, it will make more sense. Take charge of your life and be the JOY of Creation that you are. Each one of us in essence are pure JOY. True Worth that is immeasurable. Unconditional Love that can heal this world. If you don’t get this now, you will. Trust. Let yourself feel in the NOW that you are WORTHY of all you are. Feel the feelings of JOY, PEACE and then let yourself – BE IT. It IS YOU. There is no separation. That is an illusion.

It is trippy, but once you get it, it will fill your entire being. You will want more of it and let it grow like a beautiful garden whose magnificence is beyond words. Planting the seed and letting grow, within. It will lovingly dissolve the weeds that just don’t work anymore.

Much love to my fellow expressions of joy, wonder and amazement, love and peace,

Kristin Joy

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Eagle and The Condor

As we are experiencing even higher vibrations, this can seem unsettling to some. These higher vibes are coming up against old ways of being and thinking. Not to worry. In fact, let go of worrying. Allow for the rise of the true you. That may take some time, or it may not. Each persons journey is there own.

Their is a prophecy about the Eagle and the Condor. You can google it. One such site that has some info on this is called The Pachamama Alliance. It speaks to the fact that the Eagle represents industry and the masculine. The Condor represents more of the Heart and Intuition, the Feminine. Maybe now you can begin to understand the rise in the Feminine that has been taking place on the planet. I have seen them come together. Not sure how long this will take, but it has been written in the sky. It is about time.

If you are experiencing a kind of tug of war within yourself, its ok. Keep open to mentors and teachers and healers of alternative means to assist you on your path. You will know who resonates with you. Trust yourself more. Go within and go outside. Connect with nature. Respect nature as a very valuable partner in your life and in your community. Allow for the rise of and harmonizing of the higher aspects of the masculine and the feminine within you.
Keep open to the signs that are all around you. You may get a combination of ways or signs to help point you in the best direction for you. Or highest and best timeline. If you are getting signs at least 3 or more times, then pay attention. Let your heart and higher mind and intuition guide you. We are not alone. We have higher guides and ancestors helping us. Always focused on the highest and best of guides. If you need any help with your path, please check out my website at or contact me at

Keep breathing, meditating or whatever floats your boat. Take things a day at a time. Be open to the new. Things are happening at a quicker rate than ever before. Do your best to keep your thoughts as positive as possible and self-care as much as you can do. These are truly empowering and exciting times.

We got this,

Many blessings and love,


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A double rainbow to brighten your day.

Feel into it. Let it into your heart. Let it open the gateway to your soul.

Sit in the silence of your unique song.

Kristin Joy

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As I sit here, half awake with my coffee, feeling grateful at the Robin’s singing outside my window, I would like to give my two cents on the Ascension adventure we are all going through. Yes. All of us.

Ascension is kind of a newer word to describe the transformation that is happening individually and globally. Many perceive this in a negative light, yet does it have to be. We polarize our thoughts because that is how we may have been raised. It isn’t good or bad, it just is. Do we keep resisting this adventure or embrace it and make the best of it? We don’t have to suffer. That is old beliefs. Does it mean that you won’t have stuff that arises, no. It is what you do with it when it does that helps. Can you be ok with anger? Many say it is bad and that it lowers your vibe. That it is a problem. I have been told I have an anger problem. Well, not lately, yet that was a purveying thought earlier in life and as I got more wisdom, I have realized it isn’t bad. It is an emotion. A feeling. It may be due to old wiring and so on, but it isn’t that life deterring for me anymore. I embrace it and allow it to fuel more empowering changes. As for Joy. I don’t reach for that, I allow for it. We are all part of this world and if you allow for it, to see that we are each other. When you really get that, would you see yourselves as bad or with more compassion? That is tough for many. When people act out or are doing things that are so horrible, how could you possibly identify with that. I am not saying that it is you, but when you get that we are all here for each other, wouldn’t you seek to heal that. Or seek more understanding. When you really see everything and do so from a different perspective, it is truly eye opening, not to mention heart opening. It may change the way you see yourself. The relationship you have with yourself. That is probably the most important relationship ever. Start with yourself.

Too funny, just watching two squirrels chase each other. Hmmmm. What are you running around chasing after? Is the answer right in front of you?

The reason for my post had to do with an epiphany of sorts. As I was soaking the filter for my water pitcher, it got me thinking. The filter is submerged in water is transformed and when it is ready, helps filter out the impurities for new, healthier water to drink. At first there is this explosion or process happening that seems bad, yet, is it? It is all in your perception.

So, like the filter, we are submerged so to speak in this life altering adventure of ascension and why not just surrender to the process. I know. It can seem very yucky. There may be some kicking and screaming along the way because the new hits old stuff. Like in politics, etc. The old may say – heck no, this is too much, I can’t change or something that is a little less painful and at some point a gentle peace can occur. We kind of do that. At first the new wave or energies come in, hit resistance within and on the planet and cause whatever response we may have, then when we just let go and surrender, allow for the uncovering, not resist what seems bad, look at it from a higher perspective, we discover that we don’t have to suffer, that we don’t have to be the old, it becomes more peaceful and we can soak up the realizations and learning in life. That there is plenty for all. We can choose to be empowered in it. Going through it. We don’t have to do it alone. Actually, we aren’t. We have so much help from our Angelic and Cosmic family. From the Infinite Intelligence, including within you. You can ask for help and be open to the highest frequency beings and energies and then ground them in your body and the Earth. Get outside. Connect with nature. Hydrate yourselves. Be discerning and remember you. To be the support also you have been wanting. To be loved. So. If you can be like the filter knowing that you will be so much more at peace and filled with more light and love and wisdom after the “soaking”, doesn’t it feel ok to go through it all. The waves of it. Revealing how amazing we are. Be open to being around those that are not only like minded, but those with whom are authentically themselves, honest with integrity, kindness, compassion, who are truly walking their talk. With each wave, so to speak, we are gaining ground and truly changing this world to one of something that we all deserve to have. It may take more time than we have in this life. Maybe it won’t. So much is happening now and it is truly magical.

Also, just dawned on me, if you can look at the Earth and our divine support like the filter, they are taking the yucky stuff that is being filtered out and transmuting it, so it no longer has any effect on us. So, keep your own filter clean, let stuff go and release it to the Earth or the Universe knowing it will be transmuted. Energy transforms. Our filter is also changing and getting cleaner and purer all the time.

For me, it is what I am going through. Getting clearer all the time. Then when I am done, help others. Actually, I help just by being me, yet it may be on a bigger scale. It is ok to go through it, to break on through to the other side – thank you Doors.
Hope this makes sense. With Mercury Retrograde, my communication may seem a little off.

Many blessings and hope that your transformations are as awesome an adventure as can be possible. Anything is possible. What do you believe?


Kristin Joy

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Happy Wednesday to All,

Signs that you are awakening can vary.

Seeing repetitive numbers like, 11, 111, 22, 1122, 222, 444, 333 and so on.

Also finding you don’t have the same interests that you used to or cannot be around the same people.

You have taken an interest in more natural settings and crystals, energy healing, etc.

You are finding that life doesn’t hold that same charm like it did. That you feel you want so much more deeper connection with yourself and others. Especially of like minds.

Birds and other creatures are getting your attention more than they used to. Not to mention seeing flashes of light.

These are but a few examples. Do your best not to be too concerned abut the changes you are experiencing. Life is meant to evolve and us with it.

For more insights, perhaps a reading and energy healing,

Contact me at

Till next time!!!

Dream BIG

Kristin Joy

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Email List

For those interested, if you don’t see a new post here and would like more up to date posts, then send me an email with your interest and I will include you in my email posts. I normally post there more often.

This may change in the future. Right now, the email list is better for me and I can give up to date information on my activities and any classes I will be doing.

Many blessings to all and Happy Wednesday,

Kristin Joy

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