Be the Light

Be the Light that you are.

You are not your body.

You are not your emotions.

You are not the stories.

You are not what anyone has done to you.

You are not the skin you are in.

You are not less than and you never have been.

Be who you are. The Light of God/Source/Infinite Intelligence.

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Cloudy Days

No matter what is going on in the world, you can still hear birds sing and nature doing its thing.

Connect with nature and its indomitable will to get you through, no matter what is going on around you.

Much love, always,


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Happy Holidays

We are such awesome beings.

We are getting to know ourselves and creating anew. If you haven’t noticed lately, lots going on in the world and we have the extremes and the in-betweens.

What does it all mean? Does it have to have a meaning assigned to it?

Can’t we be here and just enjoy life without making it ultra complicated?

I am hoping that is where it’s all going.

That we are dying to an old life that doesn’t want us anymore. We have learned and now it is time to move on. We have put ourselves through the paces, time and time again, and the Earth as well. What the heck did the Earth ever do to us to deserve such a trashing? Who knows. Maybe we are finally going to have some respect and self-worth enough to stop all this nonsense. Are we here to learn? To play? Are we the ones we have been waiting for? Time to grow up and truly show up?

Whatever the truth is to it all, be honest with yourself first. Be kind and gentle with your discoveries. We are all doing the best we can, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Much love,

Kristin Joy

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Amazon and Priorities

The Amazon is burning yet not much attention is given to help it. I know the Earth has its purging and natural cleansing that it does, but it is interesting that when the Notre Dame Cathedral – a thing – burned, their was mass attention given, a rallying cry as it were. People came together and money poured in to help rebuild. Why isn’t nature give the same consideration. Why is Palm Oil being allowed to be harvested, which we don’t need? That is devastating animals homes and the forests that we all need. We can’t manufacture a new planet. We need it done, naturally.

Forests are plundered for greed, the oceans trashed, the landfills filled with shit that won’t breakdown for maybe ever, the air filled with filth that we breathe in daily and not much is said. The attitude to look away and at your “cell” phone – a thing – is more important. Pay attention to the “cell” part of cell phone. What does cell mean? Not a cell in the body, but a cell in which we have allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in. Its this shiny toy with its unhealthy stimulation. That only lasts as long and then the next new shiny toy comes along. I am not knocking technology as I am currently using it to bring you this message. Yet when we don’t have clean water and air – that the trees, etc provide and can’t be manufactured no matter what anyone says, what will we do then? Our food is already manufactured with crap in it. What does it say about us and how we treat ourselves and fellow humans and animals and environment? What really matters? When is enough going to be enough?

I know that if we all came together for common higher goals and solutions, stuff would be solved overnight. For the health of each other and this world.

When you take a step back and really take an objective look at life, you will begin to discover what matters. The – things – are just that, things. We can do better. I have seen it. We all have.

Let’s use the tools we have to create a better world. We can do it.

Till next time


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Meat and Palm Oil

Normally I do not write about this kind of stuff, but every once and a while I will.

With the advent of football and labor day approaching, I thought this needed mentioning.

Meat. We need it? Many eat it. Yet, do you know or even care how it gets to your stores? Many don’t give a shit and that is what it is. Yet if you had to go out and kill it, would you give it another thought? The “it” being the cow, pig, chicken, etc that has to die in order for us to live. The businesses and advertisers spend a lot of money and then some to show us how awesome it is. What they fail to show is the entire process.

What we need to wake up to, is how they are raised and cared for and then killed so we can have that protein on our plates. This isn’t a stop eating meat article, it is more of an awareness kind of thing. We are missing components in life that need our attention. The creatures that share this planet with us also have feelings and deserve the life that we would want. We are stewards of the planet. To care for. Not dominate or Treat like shit and then discard. Right now that is what we do. How is that working so far? It isn’t. Many of the cows and pigs, etc are kept in conditions that we wouldn’t want for our own furry loved ones. So, why not speak up and let them have all the fresh air they need before they go. Grass to eat, clean water, plenty of land to play on. This leads to happier meat. Even how they are killed can be a more compassionate approach. Enough with the excuses. Do unto others also applies to the environment and all who share it.

Fear tactics will play out, yet the more aware we are of it, the better able we can work together and evolve beyond it. This especially with Palm Oil. Forests are being cleared at a rate that makes no sense. Animals like the Orangutans are losing their homes and babies taken for entertainment and who knows what other reasons. Why palm oil? To put in more processed foods? Why do we need any of this? Profits? Lies, illusions, greed. We are so much more than this. It is time to evolve. The Universe is evolving and us along with it. We won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

We need the trees. The animals need the trees. We need the healthy forests. We cannot keep turning a blind eye to all the devastation we bring. When is enough ever enough. You can’t eat money. Plastic floating garbage in the ocean. When does it end? When you can’t go to your favorite place for vacation without swimming in shit. What will it take for us to wake up from the coma?

Something to ponder as you enjoy that burger and drink from that straw or enjoy that box of cookies and add that packaging to an already over filled land fill.

We can change this if we come together now. Work together.
Some say – ” I won’t see it in my lifetime”. Bullshit. Work together and we will see the changes sooner than you think.

We can do this. Life is so much more than we have been led to believe.

Don’t let fear stop you. It is just a feeling. You are bigger than that.

Many blessings,

Kristin Joy

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That word can get ones attention.

I know, I have tried to commit suicide. I have thought about it even in the last year. Not to worry, my counselor and I are working on it.

I bring it up because it gets such a negative rap. I am not advocating for it, but why can’t we talk about it. In a way that says, I agree to disagree with you and not have to have such an uproar about it. A stigma.

Oh no, its a sin or its a slight against Gods creation. Or whatever. I have heard it all.

Many people think about it, more than we know. Just can’t speak up about it. I couldn’t before and now, I can. Think what you want about me. I am not the one with the issue. We all are.

We are going through a massive change on the planet. An awareness of change that needs to take place. Not to put another useless band aid on it, but deep, profound, permanent change. The environment is a mess, education has college kids in such debt that makes no sense what so ever. Politics is a joke. People focused on what the neighbor has instead of what they have right in front of them. Too much of the – keeping up with the Joneses and the Smiths crap. Our priorities are so out of whack with what is truly important. No wonder people think about suicide. Or is this world just doomed? I don’t believe so. Or I wouldn’t still be here.

I still believe in the beauty and potential that we have. We have reached this kind of precipice before. Whether you believe in Atlantis before or not, we are at a tipping point. This time, I believe we will get it right. We just have to keep on keeping on. Be the change you wish to see in the world. If each person took time, and you do have it, to change themselves, the world will change for the better, faster than we could possibly imagine. God, Source, Universal Intelligence or whatever you call it, made us in the likeness and image. Which means that no matter the destruction we have wrought to the planet, each other, we have it within us to heal it all. We are capable of the miracles of Jesus, of the divine. It isn’t somewhere else. It is within us.

I am still working on it and that may never end, but the journey and the planet, is worth it.

What say YOU? Same old same old, or are you so done with the way things are that you find the indominable will to forge a new world of true peace and prosperity for all. It takes such courage, beyond faith – a knowing to see it through. We are not alone. Ask God or whatever you believe in for help. Get help. You will find the people or support groups or whatever teacher or mentor you need on your path. First, it starts with you and the unconditional love you need to let in. Take down the walls you built up around your heart and let the love in. Love is patient and kind. Never goes away. We just forget where to look. We are it. Meditate on that.

Love to all,


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Comfortable in your own skin

Happy Saturday to All,

If I haven’t reminded you of late, you are powerful beyond measure.

You are a walking talking expression of unconditional love, peace, serenity, joy, and all the amazing stuff of the Earth and Stars.

We just kinda forget that and walk around as walking wounds, thinking we can’t do shit to make a difference or to live the life we truly want because it’s too hard or too difficult to change or too late for us or whatever other stuff that gets in the way.

Well, why not shift into the being, the star, that you are, or more simply, just allow the true you, your true nature, come forth. The most awesomest version of you that you can be.

Sit with this when you have some time. The true YOU is healthy, whole, abundant, creative, victorious, doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks of them, confident, happy, comfortable with and totally accepts themselves – NOW. Also, kind and caring, and is healed from the old stuff. Even the stuff they didn’t like about themselves. We can be the best version of ourselves if we let it happen. It may take time and that is ok. It is totally worth it. That YOU is here NOW. Exists within, NOW. Not in food or a pill or in someone else. That most wonderful YOU is ready to express through you NOW. All you have to do is let the true YOU come forth. Once you do, all the old just melts away. You will feel freer, more positive and optimistic. It may sound simple, but it is, we are the one’s who complicated it.

When you give this more of a chance to really settle in to your bones, so to speak, it will make more sense. Take charge of your life and be the JOY of Creation that you are. Each one of us in essence are pure JOY. True Worth that is immeasurable. Unconditional Love that can heal this world. If you don’t get this now, you will. Trust. Let yourself feel in the NOW that you are WORTHY of all you are. Feel the feelings of JOY, PEACE and then let yourself – BE IT. It IS YOU. There is no separation. That is an illusion.

It is trippy, but once you get it, it will fill your entire being. You will want more of it and let it grow like a beautiful garden whose magnificence is beyond words. Planting the seed and letting grow, within. It will lovingly dissolve the weeds that just don’t work anymore.

Much love to my fellow expressions of joy, wonder and amazement, love and peace,

Kristin Joy

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