Super Full Moon


Time flies when you are having fun!!!

Life.  Spend it doing more of what you enjoy.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t have stuff to do that you don’t like.  Just do more of what brings a smile to your heart and face.  Dance and sing and anything that is all you.  True you.  Nothing less will suffice.  Not anymore.

We are in a time now of what brings your life joy.  Not about being ego or selfish, but what are you truly about.  Time to figure that out and bring it to life.  It may take time, but so what.  You are so worth it.  Yes you are.  No arguing with me on this point.  You have so much to contribute to this world.  Whether you become a rock star or the next Oprah or something better.  On a local scale or worldwide.  You do matter.  We have been taught to follow or be less than.  No longer.  It is ok to shine.  In whatever way you feel truly awesome about.  You are safe.  You are loved.

A full moon is on Sunday the 16th.  What is it that you really, really wish for this time around?  To release? To heal? To let go of and move forward? Meditate on this and really focus on that what is truly for the highest and best will take place for you and always keep in mind a little prayer for the Earth and all life evolving here.  The best and happiest outcome for all.

Many blessings.


Kristin Joy

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