“Shut up and Dance with Me” – by Walk the Moon

So – How about it?  Come on out to the Holistic Fair in Mt. Clemens, MI at the Gibraltar Trade Center this weekend and we will just dance and have a little fun with a reading or two.

They are having a huge Carnival this weekend as well.  Get in touch with your inner child and let go.  Nothing wrong with a little of  that.

Happy After Mercury Retrograde.  Always an interesting time to say the least.  More and more are reeling from the effects with each one.  Much love to all.  We are well on our way with the changes into a new higher vibrating planet.  So many are responding to the treatment of animals.  They deserve better.  They are love and so innocent in this world.  It is time.  For me, it isn’t fast enough.  Patience is one of my lessons that I am getting better with, sometimes.

Many blessings and hope to see you there,

Kristin Joy

(586) 291-6039

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