Weird energy and another Holistic Fair

Hey Everyone,

Hope you have survived this latest round of strange and unusual energies.  Lots of tension, drama and then some.  Some not sleeping, feeling edgy and irritable.

Breathe.  We are all doing so much work on releasing another chunk that doesn’t serve us. Even if it feels like you want to rip someone a new one, just breathe and breathe and breathe.   Even now I hear a dove in the distance beckoning us toward peace.  Dig deep and find your inner Buddha.  We are in this together.  The old temptation of war or violence or whatever, is just trying to hook you into staying in the old paradigm.  It doesn’t work anymore.  We want peace and joy and happiness in our lives.  No one wants the lies and manipulation crap.  Its draining and so exhausting for us.  So.  Let it go.  In that momentary crisis, just see it for what it is and think peace.  The old regime would love for us to stay down, but we are not built that way.  We are made for so much more.  We just have to believe it.  Demand it.  Go for it.  Ignore the drama makers.  Step into the new.  It all starts with you.

This weekend I will be in Birch Run for a holistic fair.  If you are interested, just contact me and I will give you more information.  (586) 291-6039.

Much love.  I have been going through my own stuff and doing my best with it.  It doesn’t mean you allow anyone to hurt you or walk all over you.  Just walk away.  Ask for help if it seems too much.  Stand your ground.  Sometimes, it is just our own stuff that has come up for releasing.  See it for what it is.  Make peace with it.  Let it go.  It can be stuff from childhood too.  Let it go.  Love yourself enough.  Be free.  We learn so much when we are kids.  From parents, etc.  Most of our stuff can be from that point on.  Just let it go.  Journal it.  Get it out and really choose differently than maybe your parents did.  It is time to end the repeat.  We are so done.

Any questions, just call or email.

Much love and strength on this journey,

Kristin Joy

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