Awesome and weird weekend

Hey Fabulous Readers,

It was a wet weekend here in Michigan, not to mention weird.  Energies are all over the place.  Just gotta trust that stuff is changing.  Very rapidly too.  See all the corruption coming up and that will continue to happen.  In order for us to get it and I mean, really get it, we need this to happen.  Not to stop it.  Not to let fear get in the way.  Just keep marching on.  Even if you feel like you are under attack somehow, just breathe, try to stay above it and keep moving.  Every step is just that – a step.  I applaud you for doing so.

We are so blessed and so brave.  You don’t realize how brave you are.  Just by being here, you help with this history changing shift.  Trust, Trust, Trust.

Much love to all,

Kristin Joy

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