As I sit here, half awake with my coffee, feeling grateful at the Robin’s singing outside my window, I would like to give my two cents on the Ascension adventure we are all going through. Yes. All of us.

Ascension is kind of a newer word to describe the transformation that is happening individually and globally. Many perceive this in a negative light, yet does it have to be. We polarize our thoughts because that is how we may have been raised. It isn’t good or bad, it just is. Do we keep resisting this adventure or embrace it and make the best of it? We don’t have to suffer. That is old beliefs. Does it mean that you won’t have stuff that arises, no. It is what you do with it when it does that helps. Can you be ok with anger? Many say it is bad and that it lowers your vibe. That it is a problem. I have been told I have an anger problem. Well, not lately, yet that was a purveying thought earlier in life and as I got more wisdom, I have realized it isn’t bad. It is an emotion. A feeling. It may be due to old wiring and so on, but it isn’t that life deterring for me anymore. I embrace it and allow it to fuel more empowering changes. As for Joy. I don’t reach for that, I allow for it. We are all part of this world and if you allow for it, to see that we are each other. When you really get that, would you see yourselves as bad or with more compassion? That is tough for many. When people act out or are doing things that are so horrible, how could you possibly identify with that. I am not saying that it is you, but when you get that we are all here for each other, wouldn’t you seek to heal that. Or seek more understanding. When you really see everything and do so from a different perspective, it is truly eye opening, not to mention heart opening. It may change the way you see yourself. The relationship you have with yourself. That is probably the most important relationship ever. Start with yourself.

Too funny, just watching two squirrels chase each other. Hmmmm. What are you running around chasing after? Is the answer right in front of you?

The reason for my post had to do with an epiphany of sorts. As I was soaking the filter for my water pitcher, it got me thinking. The filter is submerged in water is transformed and when it is ready, helps filter out the impurities for new, healthier water to drink. At first there is this explosion or process happening that seems bad, yet, is it? It is all in your perception.

So, like the filter, we are submerged so to speak in this life altering adventure of ascension and why not just surrender to the process. I know. It can seem very yucky. There may be some kicking and screaming along the way because the new hits old stuff. Like in politics, etc. The old may say – heck no, this is too much, I can’t change or something that is a little less painful and at some point a gentle peace can occur. We kind of do that. At first the new wave or energies come in, hit resistance within and on the planet and cause whatever response we may have, then when we just let go and surrender, allow for the uncovering, not resist what seems bad, look at it from a higher perspective, we discover that we don’t have to suffer, that we don’t have to be the old, it becomes more peaceful and we can soak up the realizations and learning in life. That there is plenty for all. We can choose to be empowered in it. Going through it. We don’t have to do it alone. Actually, we aren’t. We have so much help from our Angelic and Cosmic family. From the Infinite Intelligence, including within you. You can ask for help and be open to the highest frequency beings and energies and then ground them in your body and the Earth. Get outside. Connect with nature. Hydrate yourselves. Be discerning and remember you. To be the support also you have been wanting. To be loved. So. If you can be like the filter knowing that you will be so much more at peace and filled with more light and love and wisdom after the “soaking”, doesn’t it feel ok to go through it all. The waves of it. Revealing how amazing we are. Be open to being around those that are not only like minded, but those with whom are authentically themselves, honest with integrity, kindness, compassion, who are truly walking their talk. With each wave, so to speak, we are gaining ground and truly changing this world to one of something that we all deserve to have. It may take more time than we have in this life. Maybe it won’t. So much is happening now and it is truly magical.

Also, just dawned on me, if you can look at the Earth and our divine support like the filter, they are taking the yucky stuff that is being filtered out and transmuting it, so it no longer has any effect on us. So, keep your own filter clean, let stuff go and release it to the Earth or the Universe knowing it will be transmuted. Energy transforms. Our filter is also changing and getting cleaner and purer all the time.

For me, it is what I am going through. Getting clearer all the time. Then when I am done, help others. Actually, I help just by being me, yet it may be on a bigger scale. It is ok to go through it, to break on through to the other side – thank you Doors.
Hope this makes sense. With Mercury Retrograde, my communication may seem a little off.

Many blessings and hope that your transformations are as awesome an adventure as can be possible. Anything is possible. What do you believe?


Kristin Joy

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