Happy Wednesday to All,

Signs that you are awakening can vary.

Seeing repetitive numbers like, 11, 111, 22, 1122, 222, 444, 333 and so on.

Also finding you don’t have the same interests that you used to or cannot be around the same people.

You have taken an interest in more natural settings and crystals, energy healing, etc.

You are finding that life doesn’t hold that same charm like it did. That you feel you want so much more deeper connection with yourself and others. Especially of like minds.

Birds and other creatures are getting your attention more than they used to. Not to mention seeing flashes of light.

These are but a few examples. Do your best not to be too concerned abut the changes you are experiencing. Life is meant to evolve and us with it.

For more insights, perhaps a reading and energy healing,

Contact me at

Till next time!!!

Dream BIG

Kristin Joy

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