Happy New Year


Hope your new year is starting off well.  If it isn’t, don’t worry.  Mine has been as ok as it can.  That is just fine.  Keeping as positive as possible.  That is all we can hope for.  Have your dreams and goals, just don’t put too much pressure on yourself.  Let me tell you that I am an expert in the field of pressure living.  It doesn’t get you where you truly want to be or who can be.  The theme is still taking it a day at a time.

We are also starting a Mercury Retrograde tomorrow.  Do what you can to make it the best you can do.  My thoughts on it used to be, yuck or WTF.  Now, I look at it like I get to chill and slow down.  This next month can help take some pressure off of you if you let it.  If you are thinking, yeah right, then think again.  We do much of the browbeating to ourselves.  We live in a society that tries to dictate how we “should” live and breathe and how we “should” be.  How we “should” see ourselves.  That no matter what, it isn’t good enough or we aren’t good enough.  It started from birth with our parents, friends, family, teachers, etc.

All of this just means, you are you.  Find out who “you” are.  What you want or truly desire in life.  We are all in the beginning stages of discovering our truth.  At the heart of it all, we want love.  To be love, loved, loving and lovable.  To live in world that stems from that pure space of love.  That our lives can be so much more and simpler at the same time.  Pure love.  Meditate on that.  Start from your heart.  Let love flow.  This retrograde can help.  Take a few minutes every day and breathe. Focus on your heart and imagine hugging it and giving it all the love you truly want.  Stay with that for that time.  This simple truth is a starting place and will propel you into more truths. It is like a domino effect. At the end of this month, after your daily love affair with yourself, you may just have a little more clarity than you have ever known.  Enjoy it.  You deserve it and are good enough for it.


Being the love I want to see in the world,

Kristin Joy


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