Days like today

Hello Friends,

It is Tuesday and the sky is clear and the sun is shining!!!

I “should” be feeling  awesome, especially after all the gray filled skies lately.

Well.  It didn’t start out awesome by any means.  This post is just to help show how to get out of your own way.  Shift as best you can, your thinking. It may take practice, but it does get easier.  It’s not perfect, and it is a work in progress for me and may continue to be so in this lifetime.

Being me on some days is not as fabulous as I would like.  It is my empathic side of me that I have difficulty with when everything doesn’t feel peachy keen.   It just is what it is.  This is one of those days that I literally have to put more effort into positive thinking.  It sucks.  I want to wake up and just effortlessly be feeling happy and joyful.  I have meditated, gone for a walk and doing my best to focus on what I am grateful for.  Grateful for what I do have.  It doesn’t mean I don’t honor my not so positive feelings, just not wallow in them.  Also, a possibility I may have inadvertently taken on someone else’s stuff or yucky ju ju/energy.  That can drag you down faster than you know.

By doing some of the above, especially getting outside and journaling my experience, it has alleviated some of the poopy mood.  I also, have had to put up more of a bubble around me to help deflect other people’s stuff.

If you feel like you get dragged down out of nowhere and you cannot explain it, then start your day with imagining as best you can a pure white light bubble around you and see it just sending back the icky energies back to their source.  It’s like the saying – I am rubber, you are glue – whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.  Or whatever is going on so it doesn’t drain you.  Look up other ways to shield yourself.  Keep as positive as possible too.  It does help.  Also, find ways to raise your vibration.  That can stave off any unintended experiences.

I don’t know how the rest of my day will go, all I can do is keep trying.  Also, asking for heaven’s help doesn’t hurt.  Or whatever you believe in to keep you going as best you can.  Sometimes, talking with positive people and reading positive articles can give you ideas.

Much love to another day for me and for us all,

Kristin Joy



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