A little reading

Hello Sunshines,

If you are feeling a little out of sorts today, don’t worry.  It is only temporary.  What I mean by out of sorts is a little grumpy, angry, confused, not in your body.

Do what you can to get grounded.  Get outside. If you can’t, then take a moment or two and just breathe.  In for 3 seconds then hold for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds.

Imagine your feet have roots coming out and putting them gently into the ground.  Send them down into the earth as far as you can imagine.  From there, breathe.

Also, Bless yourself and the objects and people in your life and around you and focus on it as best you can – for example:  I bless my home.  I bless my body.  I bless the earth.  I bless my vehicle.  I bless the streets.  I bless my family.  Keep going.  It is kind of a waking meditation.  Breathe while doing so.  Come up with new ones and bless the carpet, the walls, the floors, etc

Focus on the positives and take charge of your over wired brain.  We are too stimulated on a daily basis.  We need to decompress everyday.  Focus on what is awesome in life.

All of the above is just a few ways to help get out of the life driving you scenario.  Keep present and you choose.

Much love on yet another fun energy wonky day.

Kristin Joy

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