The need for buying local

I know we have been bombarded with the “buy local” ads, etc but it is very important. This is how this country was started. Exploring your talents and then developing them and putting them to use for whatever area or town you lived in which supported the whole. It was a piece to a puzzle. A need to be filled and it sustained the city and helped it to thrive. Things change and evolve over time, but by supporting your local mom and pop shops or artists and so on, we help strengthen ourselves and help each other to continue to develop our gifts and talents. We need to get back to some of that. We have lost our way and it isn’t helping the planet. Try exploring what it is that you would really love to express in this life. What talents, gifts that you possess are much needed now? You never know what it is that you can do or become. It starts with you. Would you rather continue helping someone else with their dream or do you have one of your own?

Express your – SELF!! Your true, authentic, beautiful SELF.

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