Sharing a smile and other positive happenings

Forgot to post this, but I do my best to live by my own teachings. Some days that is even tough for me.

So, when I finished my physical therapy, I was surprised by some of the reactions that my leaving had on some of the awesome staff. Like they didn’t want me to go or be done yet. It is not being ego, but just a reminder to me that by just smiling and being the best you can be, even if you feel like you can’t get that smile out, makes a difference. Their are days I don’t feel like talking, but when I do and smile a genuine smile or say Hi – how are you and they appreciate it, it makes me feel good. So. When it seems like your day won’t get any better or as if the sun will never come out, just do your best. Whatever that may be for you. Share your smile with a friend or even someone you don’t know. Your friend or that stranger may really appreciate it. You never know the stories that may be shared. It will be another experience that you can chalk up to living on this amazing planet and at this wacky time.

So. Share that smile. You never know where it will take you or what door it will open.

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