NEW MOON and Shadow Healing

Good Wednesday to All,

We have a fabulous new moon tomorrow. It is an opportunity to align with your greater self and tap into their aspects that want to come alive in you and your world.

We are collectively facing some shadow aspects of ourselves and this life is not meant to be half-lived. It is meant to be whole-souled.

If you are experiencing seeing shadows or hearing noises around you that you can’t explain, then time to face it. I know we have ancestors assisting as well in this healing journey.

If you have some fears rising about what you see and hear, then make the time to see what this is all about. With the moon, you can intend to heal whatever it is and let go of what doesn’t serve the highest and greatest good. In your life and in the world because we are all experiencing a similar dream. To heal and face whatever we need to, in order to move on to a better dream. I know it is time we all face parts of us that we may have shunned as kids. Or was yelled at because our parents and others just didn’t know how to work with and accept this part. This freer and genuine you. A part of us that is now trying to get our attention. Turn this into a positive if you can. Think of this aspect as a child that needs our love and attention. Over time these aspects have been ignored or you may have not known or understood what it needed to be.

Turn this into a triumph, we have such support from the Celestial to achieve this. Be open to learning more about this beautiful you. They just wanted to be understood and accepted for who they are. A very powerful being that wants to be free. This can be so profound and powerful.

We are here to put on our collective big person panties and stop playing small or placating to anyone’s fears, including our own. This is part of the shadow work. You have hidden treasures to discover in your shadow. New ways of being and more enjoyment from this life. This can be so important in helping heal this world and to finally move on from past wounding once and for all. The work you do on yourself radiates out into your daily life, including family, friends, co-workers, etc. So don’t ever discount the inner journey. You do make a HUGE difference by doing so. You do matter. Love all of you and enjoy your new discoveries.

Please know that as you take this adventure, find the best help and support you need to move forward. Know that this world needs us to step up in the way that is best for each individual. It all matters. Just questioning what is going on in your life and why are you are here, can help.

Love yourself and be very gentle with yourself,

Love and light to all,

Kristin Joy

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