Adrenachrome and being who you are

If you haven’t heard of this yet, look up adrenachrome and what this is and where it comes from.

The old world is collapsing and the new is coming on line. With this is the exposing of old ways of being in this world, including the many atrocities of others ways of remaining youthful at the expense of the lives of children. Do your own research into this. This is one of much that we will see come to the surface to be cleansed from our lives once and for all. It may take a little time or not at all. With humanity rising into a more heart centered way of life, many are choosing a higher timeline. So, all we may be experiencing can be gentle and more peaceful as it unfolds and releases. Some may still throw a temper tantrum, which may be the case with all that is going on right now. They don’t like change. Some still thrive on chaos and doing things that come from a place of insecurity and duality, not allowing themselves to make a better choice.

With that said, stay strong in who you truly are and be like a lighthouse that shines and does so without needing permission to shine. The world needs your light. Be the true individual that you are. Know who you are and your innate value. You don’t need to bend to please others because they are jealous of you owning your truth and expressing all that you came here to be. Love your boundaries and be in your center. Imagine yourself as a tree. The tallest and strongest tree you can be. With all its splendor and natural beauty. Feel into that. A tree, flowers, butterflies are all part of the whole, yet each one is unique. Each expresses itself in its own unique way, yet knows who it is and doesn’t waver to please anyone or give in to any doubt creating mischief. It has purpose and meaning simply being. Being that which is part of something absolutely extraordinary and that which the mind cannot grasp. Be magnificence explored. Carry on with ease and grace into the new world of love.

Send love to the Earth and all who share this experience. Even those who seem to have lost their way. Doesn’t mean you have to take anyone’s crap. By choosing and being the divine expression of love that you are in all your true glory, you will know the who and the what that will support you in your life-empowering move forward. A life that can be a beautiful reflection of your truth. Do not give up on your adventure. Know that the players that you have faced served a purpose. Remember, they are all our family. A family of humanity that has needed a loving reboot. A love that is revolutionary. A love that has our best interests at heart, even though at times, we question it. Know this – With love, all miracles are possible.

Love on my friends. Love on.

Kristin Joy

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