Amazon and Priorities

The Amazon is burning yet not much attention is given to help it. I know the Earth has its purging and natural cleansing that it does, but it is interesting that when the Notre Dame Cathedral – a thing – burned, their was mass attention given, a rallying cry as it were. People came together and money poured in to help rebuild. Why isn’t nature give the same consideration. Why is Palm Oil being allowed to be harvested, which we don’t need? That is devastating animals homes and the forests that we all need. We can’t manufacture a new planet. We need it done, naturally.

Forests are plundered for greed, the oceans trashed, the landfills filled with shit that won’t breakdown for maybe ever, the air filled with filth that we breathe in daily and not much is said. The attitude to look away and at your “cell” phone – a thing – is more important. Pay attention to the “cell” part of cell phone. What does cell mean? Not a cell in the body, but a cell in which we have allowed ourselves to be imprisoned in. Its this shiny toy with its unhealthy stimulation. That only lasts as long and then the next new shiny toy comes along. I am not knocking technology as I am currently using it to bring you this message. Yet when we don’t have clean water and air – that the trees, etc provide and can’t be manufactured no matter what anyone says, what will we do then? Our food is already manufactured with crap in it. What does it say about us and how we treat ourselves and fellow humans and animals and environment? What really matters? When is enough going to be enough?

I know that if we all came together for common higher goals and solutions, stuff would be solved overnight. For the health of each other and this world.

When you take a step back and really take an objective look at life, you will begin to discover what matters. The – things – are just that, things. We can do better. I have seen it. We all have.

Let’s use the tools we have to create a better world. We can do it.

Till next time


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