Meat and Palm Oil

Normally I do not write about this kind of stuff, but every once and a while I will.

With the advent of football and labor day approaching, I thought this needed mentioning.

Meat. We need it? Many eat it. Yet, do you know or even care how it gets to your stores? Many don’t give a shit and that is what it is. Yet if you had to go out and kill it, would you give it another thought? The “it” being the cow, pig, chicken, etc that has to die in order for us to live. The businesses and advertisers spend a lot of money and then some to show us how awesome it is. What they fail to show is the entire process.

What we need to wake up to, is how they are raised and cared for and then killed so we can have that protein on our plates. This isn’t a stop eating meat article, it is more of an awareness kind of thing. We are missing components in life that need our attention. The creatures that share this planet with us also have feelings and deserve the life that we would want. We are stewards of the planet. To care for. Not dominate or Treat like shit and then discard. Right now that is what we do. How is that working so far? It isn’t. Many of the cows and pigs, etc are kept in conditions that we wouldn’t want for our own furry loved ones. So, why not speak up and let them have all the fresh air they need before they go. Grass to eat, clean water, plenty of land to play on. This leads to happier meat. Even how they are killed can be a more compassionate approach. Enough with the excuses. Do unto others also applies to the environment and all who share it.

Fear tactics will play out, yet the more aware we are of it, the better able we can work together and evolve beyond it. This especially with Palm Oil. Forests are being cleared at a rate that makes no sense. Animals like the Orangutans are losing their homes and babies taken for entertainment and who knows what other reasons. Why palm oil? To put in more processed foods? Why do we need any of this? Profits? Lies, illusions, greed. We are so much more than this. It is time to evolve. The Universe is evolving and us along with it. We won’t be able to ignore it any longer.

We need the trees. The animals need the trees. We need the healthy forests. We cannot keep turning a blind eye to all the devastation we bring. When is enough ever enough. You can’t eat money. Plastic floating garbage in the ocean. When does it end? When you can’t go to your favorite place for vacation without swimming in shit. What will it take for us to wake up from the coma?

Something to ponder as you enjoy that burger and drink from that straw or enjoy that box of cookies and add that packaging to an already over filled land fill.

We can change this if we come together now. Work together.
Some say – ” I won’t see it in my lifetime”. Bullshit. Work together and we will see the changes sooner than you think.

We can do this. Life is so much more than we have been led to believe.

Don’t let fear stop you. It is just a feeling. You are bigger than that.

Many blessings,

Kristin Joy

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