Eagle and The Condor

As we are experiencing even higher vibrations, this can seem unsettling to some. These higher vibes are coming up against old ways of being and thinking. Not to worry. In fact, let go of worrying. Allow for the rise of the true you. That may take some time, or it may not. Each persons journey is there own.

Their is a prophecy about the Eagle and the Condor. You can google it. One such site that has some info on this is called The Pachamama Alliance. It speaks to the fact that the Eagle represents industry and the masculine. The Condor represents more of the Heart and Intuition, the Feminine. Maybe now you can begin to understand the rise in the Feminine that has been taking place on the planet. I have seen them come together. Not sure how long this will take, but it has been written in the sky. It is about time.

If you are experiencing a kind of tug of war within yourself, its ok. Keep open to mentors and teachers and healers of alternative means to assist you on your path. You will know who resonates with you. Trust yourself more. Go within and go outside. Connect with nature. Respect nature as a very valuable partner in your life and in your community. Allow for the rise of and harmonizing of the higher aspects of the masculine and the feminine within you.
Keep open to the signs that are all around you. You may get a combination of ways or signs to help point you in the best direction for you. Or highest and best timeline. If you are getting signs at least 3 or more times, then pay attention. Let your heart and higher mind and intuition guide you. We are not alone. We have higher guides and ancestors helping us. Always focused on the highest and best of guides. If you need any help with your path, please check out my website at kristinjoylife.net or contact me at kristinjoylife@gmail.com.

Keep breathing, meditating or whatever floats your boat. Take things a day at a time. Be open to the new. Things are happening at a quicker rate than ever before. Do your best to keep your thoughts as positive as possible and self-care as much as you can do. These are truly empowering and exciting times.

We got this,

Many blessings and love,


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