Healing on many levels with love

Speak your truth, even if it doesn’t feel that great.

Get it out with love.

Approach it with love.

See with love.

Healing takes on many forms. It doesn’t have to be painful. Especially if you allow love to lead the way.

How do you do that?

Take your focus to your heart. Breathe into it, let that breath go into you through the heart and then exhale through your heart.

Do this for at least a minute.

Let go of any agenda or she said/he said stuff. Focus with all your heart on the issue or person from a place of loving kindness. Soon you will see and feel the old melt away. Then imagine yourself talking with them with no attachment to the old. With love filling and surrounding you both and the issue. Feel the love and see the person at the same time in your minds eye. Just feeling the love and compassion now filling any void left behind. Allow it to get as big as whatever the issue was. Sit with this for as long as you can. Do this as many times as you need before talking with them.

By filling you up first with love using the breath and intention, it helps begin the release process before you even have time to block it from going. Then assists to let go and heal anything else associated with whatever it was about. It may take time to get at it all, yet you have made it easier on yourself by going to love – first.

This is a simple practice, yet so profound. It is easy, sometimes difficult. We get so entrenched in the “I’m right, your wrong” stuff that we lose sight of what is really important. Peace. Simple and beautiful peace. When you get that peace, you will never want to let it go.

Give love a try. What do you really have to lose?

It is all good.

Till next time sunshines,

Big Ass Eternal LOVE to you all!!!

Kristin Joy

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