There is a crystal for that

I have loved rocks of all kinds my whole life. Especially the shiny, sparkly ones. Ever since I skipped them across a lake as a kid, they have been in my life one way or another. What I didn’t know is the connection they provide. It is with a vast unseen world that exists all around us everyday. It is with the Earth. For me, they have been another tool in my proverbial cosmic, metaphysical toolbox. They, like a carpenter’s tools, can assist us in providing support that may have otherwise been overlooked on our journey. We can access deeper and higher vibrations within them. Utilize them to help us in countless ways. Maybe you’re feeling unfocused and needing a little extra boost in the confidence and concentration department. There is a crystal for that. Maybe you are feeling not as secure in some areas of life. Or too much mental chatter is going on. Grounding and balance are in order. There is a crystal for that. Maybe you have just begun a vision quest and want answers to the mysteries of life, needing something to work with the body in meditation to access a state of altered awareness. Stimulate that Third Eye, pineal gland, accessing intuition and spiritual visions beyond what you have known thus far. All of this gently guiding you to enjoy the journey by dispelling any illusions of separateness and opening you up to your own inner truth and inner guidance.

Needless to say, tapping into the crystals of the Earth and learning, in your own way to connect to them, is truly magical. The above examples are just a very small taste of what crystals can do. If you are just starting out and realizing that there is more to life than what we have been taught, not to mention you like rocks, crystals, etc. Then start learning about them. The best way is to notice what you are drawn to. Maybe it is all around you in your jewelry. For me, I loved amethyst. Purple. Love purple. So, one of my first crystals I ever bought was an amethyst. That and clear quartz. Found out that amethyst has a whole host of benefits and helps psychics to focus, ground the higher energies, protection from negative people and energies, not too mention the most important, opening the connection to the higher wisdom, guidance and vision. Connect with the higher consciousness, universal wisdom. It doesn’t have to take much, see if you can find a store near you and go check it out. Or a holistic fair. You can get them in so many places now. Even online. You can kinda make a wish, as in an intention. Then, when you least expect it, the right one will show up for you. An example of this, I was in need of help to speak and walk my own truth. Whatever that may be for me. I just happened to go to a local Crystal Store and while I was there, I felt drawn to this one stone. When I looked it up, it was like fireworks went off inside of me, like, YES – I found what I was looking for. This one is called Pietersite. Also can help with feeling more supported on your journey and removing blocks to the truth, any that you may have not worked through or faced.

Keep in mind, they don’t just show up overnight at times, it may take a little extra for the perfect one to appear. The right tool for the job.

Take care of them along the way. You may find you don’t need them as much and then all of a sudden, you do. There’s many different ways to keep them clear, so they can last a long time. Putting them in water, depending on the stone, smudging them with Sage, setting them out in a full moon and sun for a few days is my favorite. You can even sing to them or hum. With the intention for them to be cleared of any toxic energies. When you first get a crystal, it is always good to clear them first before using them. The books may have ideas on this. Of course, you can google as well. You will find your way to take care of them and utilize them to the fullest extent. Almost forgot to say, that some may disappear on you too. Or break. Not to worry, just know, they did their job. You never know, the one’s who disappeared, may come back. If they don’t, they went to a good home. The one’s that break, I usually return them to the Earth. You may want to keep yours. It is all up to you. You will know what to do.

There are many books on the subject. Do your research. Melody was the first that I came to know on crystal usage. She stopped updating hers. The information is still very relevant and insightful. Others have stepped up in most recent years. Judy Hall- The Crystal Bible is a beautiful book to start. Also, The Book of Stones – Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian with contributions by Hazel Raven is fabulous.

You will get to know what works, what resonates with you and what doesn’t. Getting started with crystals can be fun and enlightening. Opening you up to a new world. Bringing back a little of that child-like awe and wonder. Never know what surprises you will experience carrying these beauties with you. You can sleep with them, carry them in a pocket or put in your car. Have them with you when you are studying or painting or writing. Sometimes it is just fun to stare into them and let your imagination wander. Find that deeper connection to the natural world. Have fun and discover what works for you. After all, it is – Your journey.

Any questions or for more information, email me at

Till next time, happy crystal hunting!!!


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