Lots going on


Its been awhile since my last post. I have been spending more time on me. Which when I first thought about it sounded awesome, then my brain kicked in with, how will you make money, what about your clients, and other fun stuff that was nothing more than a distraction from working on myself and the self-care I didn’t realize was lacking. It’s a drive from within that I have had to derail among other things. Working on resolving old beliefs and how to deal with letting go of a lot. Much from childhood takes its toll and we don’t even realize it. Sometimes unconsciously. Becoming aware has taken practice. Not to mention determination.

Again, this will be ongoing, posts will hopefully come more often. I am offering new services that can be done in-person and/or skype/zoom/phone.

Energy Healing Modalities

Energy Transfer Reset – a simple, yet powerful process to assist you in taking the soul back to the pure state that existed immediately after it was created by Source.

Illumination Process – A Shaman technique to clear blockages in the chakras, clearing the imprints of disease, etc in the Luminous Energy Field.

Both techniques helping to raise your frequencies, clear the old abuses, traumas, negativity from your Energy Field, Aura, clearing done especially from the past and past lives that you may have brought into this life.

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