Changes are coming

Lots of timelines changing and people awakening at a rate I could not have dreamed of. Grateful and keep on keepin on.

Spirit keeps me guessing.

Just sitting here typing and looking out the window at a world of my construct.

How beautiful. Spring in bloom. The varying shades of green. The flowers of deep orange, golden yellow, purple hues and subtle whites are standing tall. A Robin just took off right above my window to say hi. I could feel their flight.

Appreciate what you see, hear, feel and what you can do. Focus on what is right.

It is cloudy and it would be so easy to focus on that. I choose not to.

Changes – over the coming months. How we see things is going to change. How we perceive. Things will not make sense. Every facet of life, every system is changing. Our bodies are changing. We are coming into the light. Focus on what you do want in life. Deep down and that takes some digging. Be patient. Love yourself. Breathe. It’s amazing what we think we know and then realize how much we don’t. Or even how we have limited ourselves. Don’t live there. In the limits. Do your best to allow your life to expand, your perception. Not take it seriously. If you find yourself saying – “Why did this happen to me?” Maybe ask – “What did I learn?” Get it this time. If not, you may repeat the lesson in another way. It is time to clean house. Seek assistance if you need to. Take care of yourself. Lots of self-care. You will get there.

Many blessings

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