My story and connecting with Spirit

This is by no means going to be everything, only a beginning. It will be an ongoing writing of my experiences and then some. Not exactly a documentary, and timelines will be back and forth, mixed in. It’s all good. Also, I am not grammatically correct, so if you are looking and you see something, just let it pass like a fart in the wind.

I am not exactly sure when I began really connecting. I would love to say it was a joyous and spiritually phenomenal experience, but then I would be lying. We are always connected. I know spirit has always been there. Didn’t understand it. Which sucked. I am still in process so to speak. It is what it is. Life began or I should say began again, about 19 + years ago. After the birth of my child, life gave me a gentle boost, nudge, in a new direction. A lifeline had been thrown. I know this is happening again, now. Even then, things weren’t in my face like they are for others who are psychic, empathic, etc. Mine has been more subtle. Not saying there aren’t days I would love a bit more, but be careful what you wish for.

Back then, I had a guiding hand. In some way I knew it. It showed up in the people I was meeting, the “off chance” this isn’t coincidence meetings, that now, make more sense. More on that another time. I was letting go of the old to make room for the new. I knew I wanted more out of life and I definitely got it. Life threw curves or Spirit and I did. Or at least that is how it seemed. Hindsight is and can be 20/20. That is where this part ends. Short and sweet at times.

Till next time,

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