August Special

Hello Bright Stars,

Hope this Monday finds you fabulous!!!

I am having an August special that is not done very often, so take advantage of it if you can. I know many are waking up and experiencing so much on many levels that it truly can make your head spin. So, with that in mind, I am giving back by having all services at 50% off. Whether you are interested in a reading or Reiki or some mentoring/coaching, it is half-off.

Also, Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens, MI is closing its doors, permanently and I will be attending the last Holistic Fair August 25th, 26th and 27th. Come on out that weekend and say hi! Maybe get a reading or energy work, or just hang out and celebrate an ending and new beginning.

Today is a Full Moon. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Meditate on this and see what comes up for you. Full Moon energy is supportive in a way that can assist you in releasing that which isn’t working in your life. Patterns, beliefs, people, etc. Breathe. Don’t beat yourself up. Be kind to yourself.
You do matter. What you have to say matters. Be gentle. Be love. BE.

I love you,

Kristin Joy

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