Happy Monday!!!

That’s right, I said “Happy”.

I am so excited to see in the clouds, the image of a butterfly.

Transformation is in the air!!!


Yes – it’s a good thing.  The only one that makes it less than is you.

Dig deep friends.  We are in the midst of massive transformation that is so subtle at times that it makes you wonder if anything is going on at all.  Or on the other hand, when will it end? Probably no time soon.  The real is not so much.  I have been experiencing more of a feeling that what is right in front of us is just like a puff of smoke, an illusion.  We are not the body, the mind, the emotions.  Doesn’t mean we ignore stuff going on, but what is it really? What are we creating? What are you thinking, seeing, dreaming about? Our world is changing and what we thought was real is being questioned more on a daily basis than ever before.  This too shall pass.  Then we will get to another layer and another.  Nothing stays the same.  It cannot.   This gets more intense as we go on.  Not in a bad way, just more feeling, more connecting.  More oomph.  Ooo la la.

Priceless fluffy clouds pass by.  Birds sing.  What a day to BE.

Love, love, love to you and me.

Till next time,


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