Radio Show, Ann Arbor Fair, Reiki Classes

Hello Lovelies,

I will be on Journey Into The Light Radio, Blog Talk Radio today at 6:00 pm Eastern.  Should be scheduled for this day and time every week for the following 10-12 weeks.

The number to call in is (347) 884-8245.  I will be taking calls as time permits.

Also, I will be teaching Reiki beginning in the summer.  It is so easy to learn and such a peaceful energy, that after one weekend, you can use it again for yourself and others.  The biggest bonus is that it will be with you forever.  How’s that for a return on investment.  Make that time for yourself and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving.

Also, I will be in Ann Arbor at the Kensington Hotel with the Michigan Psychic Fair doing Reiki and energy tune-ups.  Come out for that or to get a reading or just say Hi !! The hours are from 11 am – 7 pm Eastern.

See the Michigan Psychic Fair website for more details.

Many blessings and Joy to all!!!

Kristin Joy



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