Singing, Sound

Hello Friends,

If you ever feel blue and not sure what to do, then, just sing.  It makes you feel better. I don’t need any studies to tell me that.  It’s simple.  Go For It!! Don’t hold back.  Put on the radio or YouTube or Ipod or whatever and hum or chant or however it “feels” good for you.  Remember that.  The feeling of it. Combat the blues with your voice and really feel into it.  Coming from the heart and sing.  If you haven’t ever tried one before, maybe get a singing bowl or some other instrument, aside from your voice and combine them for an amazing acoustical treat.  Sound plays more and more of a role in our lives that can either lift us or not.  We are bombarded every day by that which doesn’t.  Careers, families, social gatherings, events, our own thoughts, gossip, gossip, gossip, etc.  The world has become one colossal sound mix of negativity and sometimes all you can do to equalize it or bring it light, is to express yourself the best way possible.  One of those is with singing, humming or whatever rocks your world using your voice in a positive way.  Find that which elevates your feelings and your day.  What do you have to lose?

Baby – You were born this Way!  Thank you Lady Gaga!!

Express Yourself – Thank you Madonna!!

Speaking of which, I have to go practice my voice lessons!!

Till next time,

Deepest of love and joy to all!!!

Kristin Joy


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