The small stuff

Hello Sunshine!!

Hope this day finds everyone enjoying the small stuff.  The moments.  Where the magic is.  It isn’t over there or somewhere else.  It is right here.  In every step, every breath.  Taking a moment and admire what is all around you.  I have a Robin outside my window and it is just hopping from branch to branch, doing what he or she does best.  Not worrying about anything, but enjoying everything.  Every berry on the branch,  soaking up the sun,  at peace with their surroundings.  Also, occasionally dropping a little gift on the ground.  Another one just flew onto a nearby branch.  They are singing and hanging out together.  I imagine they are having a wonderful conversation or maybe chatting about how messed up humans can be.  That if we would just listen more, stop focusing on what doesn’t matter and live fully in each moment, what a world this would be.

Stop missing out on what is right in front of you.  What is going on? Right now.  Then in the next moment? Enjoy the conversations, the food, flowers, the sky. Your phone, your email. Say hello to someone and share a smile. Just because you can.  Be as joyfully present in those and every moment.  It may be all small stuff, but the more joy in every moment, deepens the next and the next and before you know it – Wow – what a day you had.

I enjoyed writing this and all the birds and other stuff going on around me.  It doesn’t cost anything.  Maybe a little time and effort.  Eventually you find, it is effortless.

Here’s to you, losing yourself in the moments.  Have Fun!!!

Kristin Joy

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