End of year Energy Wave

Hey Sunshines,

Life has been turned up a notch and for many is a bit unpleasant, but for others, all seems ok.  We have been through so much in the last few years with this year being a massive culmination that if one couldn’t handle it, they made their exit.  Some left for other reasons.  Let the wave come through.  You can do it.  Keep your thoughts focused on spirit and give all the material worries to heaven.  If you are feeling old stuff come up that you weren’t prepared for, then fear not.  Let it.  Address it.  Don’t stuff it or avoid it.  Feel it and let the wave escort it to God or spirit or source.  Send it love.  It may not even be yours. Same thing for that, let it go and ask for assistance on that.  Also may have to give permission for it as well.  We are purging much of the last paradigms that have truly held us back from moving forward.  Individually and as a collective.  Ask for help and give permission.  Come from the heart.  Start living from there as well.  Keep breathing and focus inward.  Life is going to get better.  Change happens.  Be open to it. Remind yourself to be as flexible as you can and to flow with it.  Affirmations – I am flexible and flowing.  I easily flow with change and my life is divinely guided and inspired.  I am safe.  All is well.  I create and allow more love, abundance, joy, peace, blessings and great health to come into my life right now and all is well.  I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all I need easily, comfortably and abundantly.   Just to name a few.  Thank you to Louise Hay.

Hope this helps.  Just breathe and center yourself as often as possible.  Allow the old pain or discomfort to come up and set it free.  Instead of let it snow – let it go, let it go, let it go. Get outside and connect with nature.  Journaling can help too.  Again, ask for help and give permission too.  Your guides and angels and God cannot do some things if you don’t.

Many blessings and really give this all you have.  It will make for an awe inspiring start to 2017.  We are so ready for this.

Much love, peace, blessings and prosperity to the planet, the elements, the animal kingdom and all who share this planet.


Kristin Joy

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