It’s been awhile

Hello Sunshine.

Hope this finds you doing well, or as well as can be.

Life has called to me and I needed time to listen.  It is a never ending adventure, so if the writings are farther apart, you know I had to make “listening” a priority.

So.  If you haven’t been listening to yourself or your inner voice, then make it one of your priorities.  Get out in nature.  Walk barefoot on the Earth.  Listen.  We are being given opportunities to grow and evolve.  It is not a one-time fix.  It takes time.  The Earth and everyone on this amazing planet are transitioning.  This will continue for some time, but at least it is finally happening.  Soak in that beautiful Earth energy, as it is changing more and more.   It helps us feel grounded, peaceful, strong, centered and more able to be flexible and flowing to life’s little oops.   Open your heart and listen with your inner ears.  Especially to all the creatures around us.  They are teaching us so much.  What aren’t you hearing?  It is ok.  Just make the time to listen.

Happy Wednesday!!!

much love,

Kristin Joy



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