Hey Sunshines!!!

We are The One.  What I mean by that is we are the ones we have been waiting for.  It is within each of us to bring new life to this earth.  Bring new life to our world.  It is our time.  The divine placed within each of us a gift.  A connection of sorts.  We are not separate like some would have us believe.  Try though they may, it has failed.  Our light is so strong now that we are prevailing.  Even if you feel some things are hopeless, take a breath and allow yourself to feel and see the truth.  You know.  You know that fear and all the old has no place here.  It is false.  It is old and so outdated.  It is archaic.  It is becoming a fossil we will never look for in the future.  Permanently buried.  Only what we have learned will remain.

So.  Even though the news and the world would like to paint this false picture, look within.  Even though they may try a new world order or any other b.s. See it for what it is.  Calm yourself.  Stand your ground. Feel your strength.  Feel the phoenix rising.  It was there all along.

I know some will and may need a little boost as we transform our world into the true joyful paradise we all deserve.  So. If you need to, ask for help on some of those days you really need it. We have help.  Ask for it.  We have free will, but still may need to ask.  As we evolve, we will be a little more self-sufficient.  Till then and always, the Universe is here to support us.   Whether you believe in God or Source or Angels or whatever your beliefs are.  Ask for help.  We are rising.  We are the way and the life.  We are joy.  We are peace.  There is more than one path to peace.  We are not what they would try to make us.  We have things to work through.  Definitely.  It will take time. One day at a time. We are achieving more than hoped for.  Even though you may think things have stalled and nothing is going on.  Trust me.  Much is happening.  It is like a super secretive movie.  No one is allowed to know what is going on or see anything.  In time we get bits and pieces.  It would be too much if we saw all of it at once. Not to mention a wee bit overwhelming.  It is ok.  We are doing so awesome.  Give yourself a pat on the back for still being here.  Love yourself and everyone around you. It may be a tall order, but it is well worth it.  We are in this together.  All of us with our roles.  It is an illusion.  A grand one at that.  You know.  You feel it.

So.  I say.  If it is such an illusion, then lets make it the best one yet.  Lets Play.

Let’s have some fun!!!  Make this world into a new, sparkly, shiny and peaceful playground.  Create in JOY.  Create a world that is so joyful, so unique, so magical, that we never want the old.  Ever.

We are “The One”.

Much love. Love to Us.  Love to and through, up and down and all around.

Kristin Joy


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