It is May 1st and the word of the month is Trust.  I have been shown this time and time again, from my inner guide and team leading up to the end of April and beginning of May.  Many others have been writing about this as well.

We just went through an immense portal of sorts in April and so much has changed and will continue to do so if you allow for it.  People will go from your life.  In many ways.  It is ok.

Allow this change, not from your mind, but from your inner guidance and heart.  Allow your true guidance system the room to help you.  In all areas of your life.  Keep open to what you are thinking, what you have allowed for too long. Patterns.  Relationships.  I keep seeing a spiral symbol.  Paying attention is key.  Allow the spiral to bring up and out that which doesn’t serve you.  Trust that if you are not where you truly can be, you will find the way.  Our minds are still reeling from the past changes.  It is ok.  We will get through this.  You will find yourself stronger as you take each step.

We are also in a Mercury Retrograde which is helping us review aspects of life too.  This will go till May 22nd with a shadow period for about two weeks following.  Along with an unprecedented amount of planetary retrogrades.  We are indeed in profound times.  Use this time wisely, to clear your personal or work space.  Anything nagging at you these days? It is for us all.  Trust you will know what to do with it.  Don’t start anything new if you can help it.  What weights you down? or better yet, who?  Take an inventory of life and see from a higher perspective.  The time is now.  To make the changes that deep down, we have been wanting to for a very, very long time.  Your soul knows.  Trust it.

At the end of this writing I saw a rainbow and for me that is always a good sign.  For all of us.

We are so loved and supported through this.  Believe you are taken care of.   It’s all good. Day at a time.  Breathe.

Much love and peace to you and to us all,

Kristin Joy


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