Sound and Vibration

Sound and vibration are part of our daily lives.  I utilize them in my personal life and in my practice.  Combined in a joyful way, they help me be the best I can be, not just for family and friends, but clients too.  The same can be said for those reading this.  You know how you feel when the music or instrument you are listening to or playing make you feel more alive and whole.  You also know when it makes you feel down or depressed.  Recognizing this and then doing something about it is key.

I include various tools to assist clients in their transformations.  One of those tools is Tuning Forks.  I have found it to produce a beautiful combination of sound and vibration that easily assists in reminding our bodies where they need to be for optimal efficiency.  Why not feed yourself, so to speak, with all the best this world has to offer.  To help you feel the highest and best you can.

It is up to each of us to be responsible for our well-being.  Every step takes us closer or farther depending on the action or thought.  With that being said, do your research about this amazing tool.  Tuning Forks can benefit anyone.  They are so gentle and work in harmony with your body’s own natural healing processes.  Give yourself permission to enjoy a healthful life.  In so doing, you will find the right team to assist you in this endeavor.  Never give up.  Their is more than one path to well-being.  You just have to find yours.

Reference: Healing Energy – Tuning Forks Class

Disclaimer – The above information does not replace medical or psychological treatment. Seek professional assistance as appropriate for your needs.

If you would like more information or make an appointment, please contact me via email or phone.

Tune up your day in any way you love,

Much love and joy to you,

Kristin Joy –  or (586) 291-6039

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