Feeling Loved

Happy Wednesday to All,

Just a quick note today.

Things seem a little easier.  Less stuck in the mud.  It may not seem like it at times, but take a step back and breathe.  Breathe in that peace.  See from a different perspective.  Not of chaos or drama, not from fear.  From a place and space of a child that trusts and imagines nothing less than the best.  Unafraid of jumping and playing in the world.

Freedom.  We are free to create the masterpiece in our lives.  Spread your wings and fly.  Lift the cage off of your imagination, from your soul.  Time to play.  We truly are ageless.  Immortal beings in a never-ending playground.  Make it fun.  Spend your energy in ways that really make sense to you.  Why waste it.  It is precious.  Treat it as you would a loving furry friend.  Or a really yummy and scumptious dessert.  Mmmmmm.  Yum yum.

It is your energy.  What do you want to do with it? What do you want to create?   Joy or ?  Love or ?   We are a work in progress and masterpiece all at the same time.  Why not create a world where everyone feels loved and joyful and belongs.

The choice is yours.


Joy to all!!!!

Kristin Joy

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