Full Moon

Tomorrow is another beautiful Full Moon with an Eclipse thrown in just for poops and giggles.  Even though you may not feel its funny, it is all in how you truly perceive it.

Write a list of what doesn’t work anymore in life and then put it in a window.  This can be habits, fears, relationships, foods, etc.  Even your relationship with food.  Take a few moments and breathe and let whatever has been most bothering you come up.  Write it down.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Let the feelings come up and get it out.  Put the paper in a window and just trust that the moon and Universal energy will know.  Let it all go.  See it all leave your hands and body and energy field, letting it flow to the moon to take care of.   Let the Universe have whatever has been weighing you down.  Dig deep.  Whatever cares and worries.  Breathe and let go.  It is ok.  You will be fine.  You always were.  You are doing awesome.  Doing it your way.  Not anyone else’s.

Much love my fellow adventurers.  Together, let’s make this a full moon to remember.


Kristin Joy


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