We all have this four letter word to face in life.  Lately, it is more of the Fear of Uncertainty. Which may be causing more friction and chaos than is really necessary.   This can hold us in our tracks.  In many ways.  Even at times when we are just shy of our goal.  Right now, we are just shy of a goal of the ages so to speak. One of many to come. We are already in unchartered territory in our soul journey.  Don’t give up.  Don’t allow this fear to hold you back.  Ask heaven or what you believe in for help.  Don’t let this fear block the love that you are.  Or from you experiencing that love.   That love is happening all around us.  Just take that next step.  Together we can make such a shift that all can feel and will reverberate for generations to come.  You don’t have to leap, unless you want to.  You have it within you.  An example is, imagine how much you love your furry family member.  Hug them and feel that. Then turn it inward towards yourself.  Feel the warmth. That is just the tip of the iceberg, but is so powerful.  Let it grow.  Let it guide you through the uncertainty of life.  Listen to that love, listen with eagerness to your heart.

Love you,

Kristin Joy

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