Reading and Crystals

Hello Sunshines,

Hope all is well.  It seems to be lighter.  Even if you can’t feel it on the surface, it is there.  Waiting to be acknowledged.  Once you do, it will continue to rise.  Let it play.  We just went through a new moon coupled with a solar eclipse.  This begins a cycle that can be very beneficial if you play your cards right.  Identify on a deep level what you want in your life.  Dream Big.  Use that imagination.  Give it room to grow.  Journal your discoveries.  It will help you reference what works and what may not or at least eliminate what doesn’t fit you any longer.  This will build to a full moon with an eclipse around the Equinox later this month.  New moon to dream and bring to you, even a healing you have been searching for, full moon to release what is in your way or who isn’t for your highest and best.  Take time and breathe.  This time is crucial for us all.  It can help globally as well.  If you can, dream big for the highest and best for the planet and all who share this world, especially for the creatures and children.  Keep at it and we will have the peace and joy we have been seeking. It will take time.  Things didn’t get this way overnight.  So.  Don’t give up.

I will be utilizing the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards for the reading today.

Getting the feeling many are concerned for kids today.  Not just their own, but all.  Thoughts of wondering where things are going.  Fears of human kinds future.  Just do what you can to focus on the present.  Ask your Guardian Angels to watch over your kids and all children, now and the future generations.  Ask to be guided in the highest and best ways to be a good parent and role model for your own children and other people’s children.  We are finally taking our power back.  It is not about abusing it any longer.  So.  Fear not.  The new is here to stay and will continue to evolve.  The love and light will shine the way.

Also,  I have a some crystals in stock for sale, that if you would like more information, then just email me and I will send you a list and the prices.  Their are only so many and first come, first serve.

Additionally, if you are interested in a reading, I do have some availability this week  and some for next week.  Just contact me and will go from there.

Much love and joy to you,

Kristin Joy  (



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