Full Moon 2/22

It’s time to clean out those closets.  Not just home.  Also speaking of the mind, emotions, patterns, beliefs, etc.  The full moon on the 22nd is already being felt and it is a heavy one.  That is a good thing. It can help release, very deeply, some of what we all have been wanting to for generations and then some.  Take time starting today if you can and for the next 5 to 6 days and feel it.  Let it all come up.  Old stuff especially.  Write it down.  Whatever it is about.  Relationships, thought patterns, lower energy, negativity, the past, forgiveness, guilt, hatred, not good enough, feeling you are never enough, woulda, coulda, shoulda’s, sexuality, how you see yourself, how you feel about yourself, whether you accomplished anything or not, whether you get your shit together or not, acceptance, judging, criticizing, anal-yzing (lol) and the list goes on.

As I sit looking out my window at another fine winter day, a squirrel passes by just long enough to say hi and remind me not to take it too seriously.  Even though that would be very easy to do.  “Keep moving “, says the furry and cute squirrel.  At least that is the message I get.  Also, “don’t drive yourself nuts with anything from the past.”  No pun intended.   It is the “past” for a reason.  As the playful squirrel hops from one side of the street to the other, in search of who knows what, it also reminds me that we are kind of doing that with the illusion of this world.  Or what we think is this world, with all its limiting thoughts,beliefs and constructs.  We go from this to that in search of, revisit stuff and learn.  As we let go, it helps us to “hop”, from this to the next stage of our evolution.  Take it in stride and play with it.  Let go of the old.  Go with the flow.  Each hop helps us unearth deep shit and set it free.  I don’t know about you, but yeeehaaa!!!! Bye, Bye.  Thank it for the lessons and send it on it’s way.  Ask the divine and Angels for help if you are having any trouble letting go.  If you aren’t sure of what it may be that you need to release, just ask for that which is no longer serving you for your highest and best good be gone or let go, released.

Do what you can each day with this.   Breathe.  Get outside and let nature’s beauty assist in your endeavor. Get grounded.  Send love to all you are letting go of.   Every thought, feeling, person (including yourself).  It’s all ok.  You are going to be just fine.  Trust.

You may be experiencing funky sleep patterns or not getting enough sleep.  Also, intense dreams that you may or may not remember.  Don’t worry.  We do a lot of work sometimes during our dreams.  Write whatever you remember down.  Whatever you may be feeling.  Paint, draw or anything creative to let off some steam. If you aren’t getting enough rest, make plans to take a little nap or if you can’t do that, just try cutting things out of your schedule to slow down.  If you feel like you have lots of energy, great, then do a little walking or some body movement to help with the excess energy.  If you are feeling anxious, breathe.  Focus on the present as much as possible.  Make a gratitude list.  Get outside.  Drink more water.  Epsom salt baths with a few drops of lavender essential oil may also help.

Hope some of this helps.

Personal request.  Send love into the Earth and to all the creatures of the Earth.  Send love to all the people.  This helps more than you can possibly imagine.  What you send out will come back to you.  So, why not love.

Love you, and LOVE. YOU.

Kristin Joy


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