Energies, Emotions and Letting go, Oh My.

It has been a wild ride and it is only Wednesday.

Another shift of wacky proportions is upon us.  If you have been out of sorts, old stuff coming up and leaving you with nowhere to turn, but to face it, then you have been right smack in the middle of a wrenching, significant knock down, drag you out of your skin, event.  Other choice is to keep fighting, resisting and let it simmer a bit more to seeming perfection, whereby you will possibly overload.  Which is to say, deal with it sooner rather than later.  Oh yeah, perfection is overrated.  That lends itself to procrastination if you aren’t careful.

This life is messy.  It is what it is.  Some things will clear up over time.  You will deal with it and release it once and for all.  Just not all at the same time.  You may be addressing some heavy issues again and again, so do what you can with this current opportunity, deal with whatever it is to the best of your ability and it may just go and/or it may not be that intense the next time if at all. Relationships, career, health, etc.  Face it, feel it and let go.  Journal, do something creative,  try EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or whatever gets you in that space.  Get out of your head. Go deeper in your heart than you have ever been with it.  It may be a past life that has layers.  It could be the past in this life.  You are peeling one or two layers at a time.  Don’t beat yourself up over it.  It is just a feeling.  It can’t hurt you anymore.  Do what you can to step back, even in the mix. See from a detached perspective if you can.  It may help. So be as good to yourself as possible, because less than that only hurts you more.  Hope this makes sense.

Consider yourself lucky that you get to do this now.  I know what you are thinking.  When it feels like it is the most painful, in your gut experience, how can you even feel lucky. It is some intense shit.  Beyond anything you may go through.  It makes you cry buckets of sobbing tears.  Angry – Rage monster shows up, its confusion, depressing and outright bullshit.  It guts you to the core.  This isn’t for the lighthearted.  That is why we are all here at this time.  We wouldn’t have chosen to come back if we didn’t think we could handle it.  Yay us.  You may think, we must be nuts.  Maybe.  Why would we put ourselves through this? Because we can.  It is an adventure.  We learn.  We live.  We love.  We leave.  Next life.

At times, I think, I must have been bat shit crazy to do this.  But.  Here I sit. Doing my best.  Pulling up my big girl panties. Taking a step at a time.  So.  Do your best, because some won’t go through this for a little while yet.  They will need your help.  They will need that reassurance only you can provide.  That gentle loving presence in their lives.  You will be able to help them.  You will know what I am talking about when you see them going through what you have.  You are the next wayshowers.  Blazing a trail.  The Earth needs you.  The creatures of the Earth need you.  Your family and friends need you.  You are very loved.  You weren’t forgotten.  You life isn’t a mistake.  It just feels that way.  It is just a feeling.  You will be ok.

Cheers to you.

Pull up your panties my fellow light warriors and prepare to take another stroll.  Life is knocking.  Open the door.

Love to You,

Kristin Joy


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