Hello Sunshines!!!

I loved rocks when I was growing up and never knew why.  Some 15 years ago when I began a little different journey, I found out why.

They have a magic all their own.  I was definitely missing a little magic in my life when all this began.  This was one way it helped me to find a connection with the planet that I grew up on.  Through their gentle presence, assisting also in a remembrance that is eons old.   A remembering that we are powerful, loving beings.  Their is a vibration and/or resonance to each one.  They too are in families and each one is much like a sibling.  Different names, appearances, textures, but of the same love we all shine.  They are associated with birth signs and numbers.  Some are great for grounding and connecting to a higher vibration.  They have many functions.  Crystals have been studied scientifically, metaphysically and have been used throughout history in many cultures for various reasons.  For the purpose of this blog, I will be speaking from a metaphysical perspective and my life experiences, along with referencing materials related to crystals.  I will reference material from different sources that have done the varying research.  I am by no means an expert in this field.  If you would like to read an amazing book on this subject, find “Love is in the Earth”.  I love that they include different areas of research in the book.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Look into it for yourself.  It is your journey.

If you have just begun your new journey and this seems interesting to you, then take the time and look into them.  It might just help you when you least expect it and take you in a direction you never would have imagined.  Into a very subtle world that has always existed, but has been overshadowed by our loud and technical lives.  This is where it hit home for me.  Life just got too nuts and out of balance.  I knew something was off. Feeling frustrated and angry for reasons I couldn’t understand.  The answer was more subtle.  It had always been there, but I was too scattered.  Too caught up in what the world was dictating.  Losing sight of what was important and I needed to slow down in order to sense and feel what I couldn’t before.  To find out why I was doing what I was.  Slowing down was not on the menu, but, change was necessary.  Kristin needed a much desired time out.  We are all craving something simpler, more meaningful and loving these days.  I am not saying that crystals are the be all, end all answer in your life.  It is one avenue that is a great way to reconnect you with something grander.  Something unseen, just beneath the surface – so to speak.  Something that has been waiting for us.  The true connection we desire.  A web of love, a oneness with all life.  Gentle and flowing and has always been there.  It never left.  We did.

So.  From time to time, I will be talking about a particular crystal on my blog.  I may even include how it helped in my life.  My guides reminded me that I needed to talk about this.  I have put it off, but not anymore.  Even I need those gentle consistent reminders.  Life still gets a little crazy and if I am not paying attention, sometimes has a little temper tantrum in order to get my attention.  This is a work in progress.  Balance sometimes is. With practice, it does get better.

The first one I would like to talk about is Amethyst.  The color purple is a love of mine.  Not to mention it is pretty.  Calming and tranquil.  Probably why I have used it so much. I can be a little all over the place.  Yay for me.  It is a great stone for meditating and transmuting negative energies.  Helps to raise your vibration when you are a little in your head.  I utilize it for deflecting and shielding, especially in the psychic department.  You never know when you may need it.  Right now.  Every day.  Because of the calming effect, it can help in decision making.  With all that is going on in the world, it can seem difficult to make a good decision.  A little of this and common sense, you will be just fine. Other points of interest for those wishing to align the chakras, this stone can assist you with a little balancing of those energy centers.  Put your intention into it.  Another wonderful use is during speaking or when you are wanting to get your point across. Hold it in one hand and practice visualizing seeing yourself speaking with confidence and ease and then seeing the other person or people smiling and being agreeable towards you.  It doesn’t mean, be all superior or ego, just that you got that your two cents in and it worked out for your highest and best good.  I have used it during certain events and has helped me be a little more confident about what I am saying.  Gives that sense of composure.  It does take a little practice.  Also great for that sense of overwhelm that I know many are feeling with being in many dimensions and places at once right now.  Time is all over the place too.

Practice some meditating when you can and hold this stone when you are.  The focus you get from this is wonderful.  Meditating can be as simple as sitting for 5 minutes and breathing in, hold for 4 seconds, then breathe out slowly.  Hold the crystal and intend it help you steady your thoughts and emotions and shield you in a purple cocoon so you can really get in touch with whatever answer you may be looking for.  Or whatever rocks your world for that 5 minutes.  Enjoy.

Their are many other uses for Amethyst, but that is for you to discover.  Happy Crystal Adventures to you!!!

The book – “Love is in the Earth” has only made one more edition and that is from 2008 that I am aware of.  Amazon has it, last I looked it was temporarily out of stock. The good thing is, is it was less than regular price.

Another book I enjoy is “The Crystal Bible” by Judy Hall.

Do your research and see what works best for you.  You can get stones online or look up a metaphysical or New Age shop around you.  I have been seeing crystals popping up in places you just wouldn’t think of.  It is really nice if you can go and see them in person. It just has that wonderful feel to it.

Good luck!!!

Crystal wishes to you!!!

Kristin Joy



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