Not Good Enough

How many times do you feel this or have been told the above statement in your life?

How often do you stop yourself from doing something new or following your dreams or whatever because it will never be good enough or that you feel “you” aren’t good enough?

It could be something as simple as trying a new recipe or taking a class.

We have been bombarded by life in different ways and by people in our lives that have managed to reinforce this to the point it may be “choking” the life right out of you.  You find you don’t finish things or don’t have the gusto to try new things.

I have had this in my life and it is a masterpiece in progress.  I just keep moving on.  Can’t let it stop me.  Not saying it has been so easy, just get up everyday and be open to the possibilities.  Send yourself lots of love.  It gets easier.  I keep my eyes, ears and heart open to ideas or classes to heal this part of my life and I deserve it.  So do you.  Decide YOU want to evolve your life.  Not for anyone else.  Do it for you.  My saying – “When its for you, it is true. ”   Be true to yourself.   Love yourself.  MindValley Academy, Hay House and Sounds True are just some of the sights where you can find out if any of the teachers they work with resonate with you.  The point is just keep asking and questioning.  What is out of date with you now? What thinking, what beliefs?  How about  – Stop Berating yourself or Beating yourself up about whatever it is.  If its about food or exercise or work or family, let it go and love you.  Start with you.  Basics.  The rest will come.  Then the next step and so on.  One thing at a time.  Just breathe and try doing the best you can with one positive thought or statement about yourself.  Example – ” I love and accept myself.” Simple, but effective.  Do this for a month.  When you wake up, in the shower, in the car and anytime you are feeling out of sorts.  Especially when you feel like you have hit a bump in the road, breathe and say that statement.  It can’t hurt.  What do you have to lose?  Hmmmmmm.

Much love and luck,

Kristin Joy



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