Magical Encounters

Even on Friday the 13th, one never knows what can occur.

Learning to trust that intuition or “gut feeling” can lead to fabulous experiences.

So.  I paid attention to what I was getting and went with it on a drive around town to finish some errands.  Next thing I know I was treated to a majestic display from a beautiful hawk flying ever so gracefully overhead.  At the same time, music I truly enjoyed came on the radio adding to an already awesome experience.  Nature is one of many signs we receive everyday from spirit.  Helping us enjoy our lives.  Making the mundane less so. I was already on a kind of natural high, when I decided I would like to treat myself to a cup of coffee.  Pulled into my local Tim Horton’s listening to Adele’s new track – “Hello” – which is beautiful by the way. Singing along,  just lost in my own world, I then placed my order and when I drove up to pick my coffee up to pay for it, the young lady in the window said – ” You don’t have to pay, the person ahead of you took care of buying your coffee and also said to have a nice day.”  Wow.  What a day!!!!!  All of this and it wasn’t even noon yet.  I am so grateful for all the experiences today and to the gracious soul for their generosity!!! I didn’t get to say anything to them as they had already driven off before I could.  It is kind of a coming full circle moment.  I have done this for others and enjoy doing so.  You never know what a simple act of giving can do for someone else.  Even if it is just a kind word or a smile.  It may make the positive difference in someone’s life that we cannot even imagine.

Pay attention.  Life is calling.

Much love and Joy,

Kristin Joy

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