Head Talk

Hello Darlings!!!

If you find yourself in the middle of many a made up conversation or drama or movie that keeps running in your head and it has little to do with the truth of the situation, then do all you can to derail it.  Breathe.  Imagine it blowing up or vaporizing or whatever you need to do to stop the theme that wants to take you on a ride you may not want to go on.

Finding many people either assuming and running old worn out dramas lately.  Just do what you can to see if its the truth.  If you are clearly assuming and presuming, then take a closer look at it.  What is going on with you and in your life and go from there.  What old stuff is coming up in your life or patterns that need to be cleared?

Do your best.  Don’t be hard on yourself.  We are going through some mighty changes, personally and globally.  It is taking its toll even on the strongest of people.

Day at a time.

Much love and hugs to you,

Kristin Joy

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