New Addition- Essential Oils

Hey All,

You never know where things are going to lead.

I have used Essential Oils for years and various reasons.  Especially as the weather is turning cooler, the flowers and trees are doing what they do best and going into hibernation.  I love this time of year and then not so much.  The colors go blah and same with the various fragrances from nature.  So.  As to combat the winter hum drums, I make and burn incense and utilize essential oils.  I also like to use them when I do Reiki and use my tuning forks, etc. It doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the other white stuff that lands on the ground, I just miss the scent and vibration from flowers, herbs, etc.

In my research, I found that I am more drawn to Young Living Essential Oils.  The scent is truly heavenly.  They have a consistent approach to the environment when growing and extracting the oils and a most important feature – Not to test on Animals.

With that being said, do your own research and see what works for you.  If anyone is interested and would like to try the Young Living Oils, let me know.  You can order from me or become your own distributor.

One of the first oils I would like to share with you about is Frankincense.  It is more about its vibration than anything for me.  Trust me, I love the scent, but it has a commanding and yet gentle way of raising not only your vibration, but the energy around you.  I love to work with it before, during and after readings and energy work  just because it helps clear the air.  It can also help clear the head, so to speak.  Also include it in Chakra Clearing.  Sometimes we need that extra boost.  Anyway, that is just a little information about how I utilize this old and ancient resin.  Not only a gift to a King, but to us all!!!

Whatever you decide, keep connecting to nature in whatever way works for you.

Much love and many blessings till next time,

Kristin Joy

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