How are you “Feeling”?


We feel them.  We express them.  We suppress them.

Infinite Wisdom expresses through us with our feelings as well.  Let it help and guide you.  Not drag you down.  Not lead you around.

It can be glorious.  It can be not so.

Allow your feelings the room to express themselves.  They are here to stay.  Learn how to utilize them in a healthy way.  Yes.  That even means on days when you want to let go and scream at the top of your lungs and just get it out. Cry.  Feel it.  Really feel it.  Find a pillow or punching bag and let go.  Obviously, don’t hurt yourself. But. Unleash it.  Cry out those moments of grief, surrender, of what you feel is loss.  Maybe it was joyful.  Had you smiling from ear to ear – Laugh it out!!!  Whatever it is, just express it.  Write about it.  Color it.

An experience I had recently that I felt on many levels:   Having to go for a female checkup.  Yay.  I had to have tissue samples taken so as to ascertain normal cells.  This isn’t new for me and to say the least,  I am tired of this.  Hope this is the end of this adventure, but no expectations.  Self-care, which is so important, is not as  much fun sometimes as I would like.  Would rather have had a massage.  Thank you very much.  Anyway, I know this had to be done and was ok for the most part.  Joked with the doctor and staff at first, but they still had to have their sample.  Shit.  It hurt.  The first sample clipped didn’t feel that awful.  The next was the kicker.  Fuck an A  – it hurt.  For some reason, it was not only physical pain, but then an emotional response, like I had experienced a loss of sorts.  Not just physical death of the tissue loss, but a letting go on another level altogether.  I felt it.  Cried.  Loved myself as much as I could.  Did the best I could to connect with and just let it be.  I am writing about it. Expressing in my way.  It is ok.  It is part of the depths of my soul.  My emotional intelligence at work.  I even celebrated.  Woohoo!!  That is my way of doing things.  Not the same each time.  Remember though, everyone has their own way.  Your way is just that – “Your” way.  Your Be-ing.  Love the layers.  Go through the experiences.  At times, it may seem hard, very hard to do. The best part though, it can help you make room for that which you have been so longing for.  A new perspective.  A new life.  Let it go and give birth to a new creation.  New positive relationships.  More peace within.  Each layer uncovered helps you get to the true jewel that you are.  Don’t be afraid. Fear wants you to stay.  That can be helpful at times and keep you safe, but if not careful, can suppress all you are to become.

So.  Take it a day at a time.  I cannot express that enough.  One experience at a time. Also, always remember, what is yours is yours.  What is others, is theirs.  Make sure your experience is yours and you are not feeling someone else’s.  Just intend it to be so.  It takes practice.

If you need help to help yourself on this journey and to make sure you are clear of others emotional stuff, then let me know.  It is a process sometimes.  Just keep it simple and not so serious.  I know – easier said than done.

Have a “Feeling” Fabulous day!!!

Keep going and know you are so loved!!!

Much love,

Kristin Joy

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