When was the last time you paid attention to the world around you?

Really, really slowed down and got in touch with what is trying to get our attention every day.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort.  It just takes practice and trust.

What I am referring to are signs from creatures, songs on the radio, clouds, etc.  Messages that can be answers to daily questions or concerns.

I have written of this before, but felt it needed another post.  I believe in being a living, walking example at times just so others can see for themselves what you can learn from me.  Hopefully not repeat my mistakes, but learn from them so that you may educate and apply it in your life sooner rather than later.  For example, a hawk was just flying nearby and signing in its own way.  Animal Totems are one of many ways the divine brings messages.  Hawks may foretell of coming events, phone calls and things we need to pay attention to, even our own behaviors and responses to life.  Strangely, I was waiting for a package to arrive and it was supposed to be here more recently.  The place I ordered from was a little concerned because it had shown that it should have been delivered yesterday.  Hmmmm.  So.  I can get thoughts flying around in my head that are completely unnecessary and worried it had gotten lost or who knows what.  This was a special gift to me for my birthday.  As time passed, the hawk was insistently carrying on, but reassuring me to trust because next thing I know, the mail arrived and there it was.  My beautiful gift.  Even though I had misplaced my trust for a few, I was reminded in a magical way from a beautiful messenger that all was well.  As soon as the hawk knew I got it, then it stopped signing.  Thank you!!!

Some signs may not be that obvious, but with practice, it gets easier.  Ask a simple question then let it go.  Let your imagination wander.  Quiet your mind.  Do this every day!! You may get something sooner and it may be later.  It may come in your dreams. Just need to pay attention. Don’t discount everything.  Your pets may be helping you and you don’t even know it.  Discover a little more about a natural gift you tucked away till now.  We are being urged to learn and pay attention.  The more we do, the less confusion in many ways.  It can make living on this Earth a true blessing for all.  Maybe answer questions that have brought much confusion or worry.  It is time.

Any questions, just call or email.

Much love,

Kristin Joy

(586) 291-6039 or

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